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pre61-list-digest Monday, July 5 1999 Volume 03 : Number 189

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FTE Pre61 - Missing installment
Re: FTE Pre61 - Shoebox Thread
FTE Pre61 - mustang II suspension on a '58
FTE Pre61 - dash bezel order



Date: Sun, 4 Jul 1999 06:42:50 -0700
From: Ken Toop
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Missing installment

Our host server was down Friday and I apparently lost my Friday FTE
installment. Hence, I also missed any responses that day to my locking
brake question. Can someone forward the Friday messages to me, or are they
stored in a retrievable location on the FTE server? Going without FTE one
day is like skipping the morning coffee--it's ok, for the first 5 minutes.

I'm going to let a local brake specialist set my brakes up and
trouble-shoot the problem I mentioned. I've got a road trip coming in
three-and-a-half weeks with the '57, and I figured it's not worth pounding
my head against the wall any more--I have enough windows already. Since
this is the first thing I have out-shopped I don't feel so bad about it.
After that I only need front and rear glass replacement to hold my head up
high on the road. Kind of funny, when you think of it, that my nephew and
a pellet gun playing cops and robbers could end up making me owe money ten
years in the future!

Kenneth Toop
Yakima School District
Head Librarian, Barge--Lincoln School
219 East "I" Street, Yakima, Washington 98902

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Date: Sun, 04 Jul 1999 10:21:18 -0400
From: Fred g 454
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - Shoebox Thread

....IF you think about it, ch*by took another 11 years (67 - 72)
before they had a truck to look similar.

Actually, Chevy started the look in '56 with their Cameo option which used flat
fiberglass sides to give the slab sided appearance. But, the interior of the box
remained the same size...

Wouldn't want you to be mis-informed.

RJC988 wrote:

> Truckers,
> Happy 4th weekend!!!
> I also echo the sentiment about the 57 - 60 F-100's. They have a very unique
> look in the world of classic trucks. Being the first with steel styleside
> bodies, they also changed the world of hauling. You had room for the lumber
> and supplies! IF you think about it, ch*by took another 11 years (67 - 72)
> before they had a truck to look similar.

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Date: Sun, 4 Jul 1999 12:04:20 EDT
From: CMou139175
Subject: FTE Pre61 - mustang II suspension on a '58

hello, can anyone fill me in on whether a mustang II front end (total cost
involved) will fit under my '58 custom cab. If not, i've heard of using '78
lincoln parts, or corvette suspensions. The only place i've checked is Sac.
Vintage, but their catalog only covers through '56. Any help??? Thanks, C.M.
'58 custom cab (1st truck restoration)
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Date: Sun, 04 Jul 1999 10:45:13 PDT
From: John Harrison
Subject: FTE Pre61 - dash bezel order

C.M. The order of gauges/idiot lights is: top left - fuel, bottom left - GEN
idiot light, top right - temp, botom right OIL idiot light, and of course
speedo in the middle.

John Harrison

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