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Re: FTE Pre61 - 302 or 351w
: FTE Pre61 - Tires
FTE Pre61 - Hood Locks
FTE Pre61 - Steering Box upgrade for 48-50
FTE Pre61 - list
FTE Pre61 - Re: Re '56 Roof Rust Endemic to the species?
Re: FTE Pre61 - Re: Re '56 Roof Rust Endemic to the species?
Re: FTE Pre61 - ADMIN: Chevy discussion



Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 08:27:30 -0500
From: 47Fred
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - 302 or 351w

joyce wrote:
The AODE is a much stronger
> transmission than the AOD, Baumann explains the differences on the web
> site very good. If you use a AODE transmission try to get a wide ratio
> transmission.
> I encourage everyone to go to the Braumanns Engineering web
> site and read their information.

Can you post the URL of this fabulous site? All I get on a search is
a long list of German sites. I've seen build ups of AOD's to handle 200+
horsepower and it's not pretty. Also I know of several AODE's that let
go in "normal" service, including one of my own.

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Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 08:44:14 -0500
From: Ron Byron
Subject: : FTE Pre61 - Tires

Hello. Anybody have a good source for Tires for a stock 50 F-1?
What size radials will fit the stock rim?


Ron byron

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Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 08:16:20 -0600 (CST)
From: Jesus Cardoso
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Hood Locks


First of all let me thank everyone for their input on my exhaust
leak. I still don't know what is causing it but first thing this weekend
I am looking into some of the recommendations the group made.
I am currently looking for a hood lock for my 63 F100. I have
found some that are made for Jeeps, but I am not sure if they will work.
Has anyone ever tried installing one of these locks on their truck? Has
anyone seen any other type of hood locks that out are in the market right
now? I want to keep away from the old chain and lock.

Thanks in advance.

Jesus Cardoso, a.k.a. Chuy
Graduate Research Assistant
Power System Automation Lab
Department of Electrical Engineering
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843-3128

w: 409.845.4623, fax: 409.845.6259, h: 409.775.0737
e-mail: cardoso, jesus_cardoso

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Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 16:55:38 -0500
From: Ron Byron
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Steering Box upgrade for 48-50

Can I swap a 53 steering box into a 50 f-1? I have an original V8.
I believe that the 53 is cheaper and also allows more room for headers.
Anybody with any experience here.

Thanks in advance
Ron Byron
50' F-1 original V8

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Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 17:57:21 -0500
From: "Miguel....."
Subject: FTE Pre61 - list

Well, I guess that the list wont happen. But I dont see how you could get
spamm with a list that would only show list members and their locations. It
would not show any e-mail address. we can contact each other through our
normal list. I just thouht that it would help for those that are close in
their location.

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Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 18:57:44 -0600
From: "Brett L. Habben"
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Re: Re '56 Roof Rust Endemic to the species?

Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - '56 Roof Rust: Endemic to the species?
That reminds me of people buying Big Window back cab sections, splitting
the factory seams, and converting their cabs to Big Windows.
My fear is sluicing down that slippery slope; "How much for the roof
skin?! Why, for a little more I can buy the whole cab. Come to think of
it, if I just bought the whole truck, think of all the free parts I'd
have!' Get it home and your better half points out your 'parts truck'
is actually better than the one you're fixing. This is immediately
followed by "Why did you buy that old rust bucket anyway?" (Of which, of
course, you have no logical answer.)
So, to cut to the chase; what magical corner of the universe defies the
Detroit Universal Law of Corrosion? Where'd you find that roof skin (and
hopefully herds of complete rust-free '56 100's grazing peacefully)?
Searching for Effie Shangrila,

>Brett I have the same problem. Had my cab dipped and it was ate up
around the
>drip edge. I am just going to buy a roof section and weld into place.
To me
>will be much easier than trying to fill and get the right look on the
>of the roof. Warning my way is costly as a roof section USED is very
>Good luck!
> 56 f-100

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or call Juno at (800) 654-JUNO [654-5866]
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Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 20:23:20 EST
From: Meats56
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - Re: Re '56 Roof Rust Endemic to the species?

Bob's f-100 in California Brett. 300.00 for roof plus 75.00 crate fee. plus
shipping. Waiting on Bob's to call on actual shipping cost where I live. They
also priced me a complete cab for 650.00 plus the shipping. Again I am looking
at that option as well.
They will reply to me the shipping on that as well. Had to dip mine as I did
not know what was underneath the paint, and I wanted to start fresh from bare
metal. I also know of someone else who also in California sells 56 parts. I
have bought several things from him and they are quality parts. Problem is he
is 77 years old and sometimes hard to get hold of. You can e-mail me
meats56 and will supply you with his phone number if you want.

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Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 21:57:27 EST
From: TNickolson
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - ADMIN: Chevy discussion

I have been building and drag racing cars and trucks sense the mid Fifties and
have had to put up with the C*****y owners for all that time. Every time I
beat one in a race I always got "That's the first time a FORD has ever beat
me" . Lets keep the FORD page a FORD page. After all these years I am tired of
hearing about C****y's. My 52 is PURE Ford and I would have it no other way.

Looking forward to Pigeon Forge.

52 F1 "The General"
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