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FTE Pre61 - Mercury hubcaps
FTE Pre61 - Shade-Tree
Re: FTE Pre61 - Vendor Recommendations
Re: FTE Pre61 - auto show
Re: FTE Pre61 - HELP - Volare/Aspen Front Suspension
FTE Pre61 - Date code



Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 04:51:26 -0600
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Mercury hubcaps

This goes out to all the Canadians on the list. Iam looking for a set of =
56 M100 Mercury Hubcaps, Does anyone know what other years inter change =
with the 56?

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Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 07:45:36 -0500
From: Ray or Fran Bell
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Shade-Tree

My wife-unit suggests that perhaps I watch "Trucks" and "Shade-Tree," =
with their immaculate shops and just the right tool always on the tool =
tray, for perhaps the same reason I watched "SI Swim-Suits" this week. =
I can look but I'll never be able to play there.

RAY .. "Nifty-Fifty"

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Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 07:57:32 -0500
From: "Frank Mester Jr."
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - Vendor Recommendations

I had keys made for my '51. The locksmith couldnt make them all the same but
didnt have to destroy them to do it. I took the door and glove compartment out
and took them to his shop.
Frank '51 F1 "Lizzy"

GUYETTE Phillip wrote:

> Good morning fellow enthusiasts...I'm 60% into an off-frame restoration on
> my 1952 F1 (239, Merc Crank, Isky MAX1), and am looking for some vendor
> recommendations for lock cylinders and license plate restorers.
> * I don't have a door key, and my local locksmith says he would have
> to pry (and destroy) the stainless bezel off the cylinder to re-key it.
> Does anyone know of a reputable locksmith who could make a door key for me?
> Better yet, I'd like to key the door and ignition cylinders the same.
> * Second, I've got a set of 'Pacific Wonderland' Oregon license
> plates, one of which is in poor shape. Does anyone know someone who can
> either repair badly damaged license plates, or make a replacement?
> I sure appreciate all the advice I've gotten from this group! Thanks for
> any help you can offer.
> Phillip
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Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 19:35:51 -0800
From: Mig
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - auto show

Fred g 454 wrote:
> Mig,
> I plan on going. Two members of my truck club (Klassic Haulers) have
> vehicles on display there.
> Mig wrote:
> > I'm going to the autorama hot rod show at cobo hall in detroit feb. 20.
> > I was just wondering if any else was going.
> >
> > Mig
> >
Hey Fred g 454

I will be at the show all weekend with my bosses car. It's a 32
roadster caled "Dick Metz's Oh Boy". It's on a turntable. It should be a
lot of fun setting up. Maybe I'll see you there.


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Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 22:10:20 EST
From: BScott5766
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - HELP - Volare/Aspen Front Suspension

Hi Mark!!!
I have a '55 pickup and will be utilizing a '80 Volare front suspension.
I have the K-member welded up under the frame, but have yet to put all of the
suspension parts back on it. I got a complete front susp. rebuild kit from
Performance Suspension Technology (PST). The staff was very helpful. The
best I remember, I had to supply them with the year, and tie-rod diameter.
They can help you change to a beefier tie-rod and sway bar if you would like.
The kit I bought was the polygraphite one. I think they run around $200-250
for the rebuild kit. You can reach them for product info. 1-973-299-8019 or
they are located Box 396, Montville, NJ 07045. They also have a toll-free
order # 1-800-247-2288. Hope this helps you and any others out there in the

'55 F-100 (Southern Comfort)
'88 Mustang
'92 Mustang
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Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 21:51:41 -0600
From: "Dan L. Gable"
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Date code

Can anyone help, I have a some numbers that appear after the color code =
"F" on my vehicle identification plate and before the production code I =
am not sure which they are part of and what they mean the numbers in =
question appear this way F 03D 4557A does anyone know what the =
production date means here and what is the 03D


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