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FTE Pre61 - To box or not to box
FTE Pre61 - Show in S.E. Minnesota
FTE Pre61 - Dash To The Dalls
Re: FTE Pre61 - Show in S.E. Minnesota
FTE Pre61 - Adhesive
FTE Pre61 - sterring column



Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 09:11:26 EDT
From: RJC988
Subject: FTE Pre61 - To box or not to box


I have been satisfied with the welding on the Lincoln clip until I attended
the Supernationals. Even before I had friend say that the old frame would
lose its temper when welded on, ...but a prophet is without honor in his
hometown. Then I overheard one of the guys at the vendor side of the show (a
FRAME SALESMAN!) talking to buying prospect that if you want your truck to be
a driver, you cannot weld to a 40 yr. old frame.

Is this true or just sales hype? I did not box my 57 because the weld seemed
very strong and supportive (and boxing would take more time, money, and
frustration). I ground a groove in the Linc frame and slid the 57 frame into
it until the wheelbase matched up. It seemed very supportive even before
welding. I then welded both sides with a 220v stick welder. It seems if I
weld on boxing plates, and further crystallizing more frame. Can they be
bolted on with good results, or do I need to start over with new frame? I
want to start wiring soon and afterward bolt on more of the body. Thanks in
advance for any help offered. As always, I hang on every suggestion!

Glenn in TN
Soapy the 57 F-100
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Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 08:37:19 +0000
From: Rob Linden
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Show in S.E. Minnesota

Each Summer the Midwest F-100 Nationals are held in Winona, Minnesota.
(125 miles southeast of the Twin Cities). This is a small show: usually
about 75 trucks, mostly 53-56, although some other years, too. This
year's dates are June 11, 12, 13. The best day will be Saturday, June 12,
with judging, a 50-mile scenic cruise, awards, and a get-together with the
truckers and local hot-rodders at a root beer stand. Anyone seeking more
details, please e-mail me. I'd sure like to see more 57-60's at this event,
because my 59 looks a little lonely.

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Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 14:34:48 EDT
From: MichellHC
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Dash To The Dalls

The Dash to the Dalls is Sept. 17-18. Contact Bill at (608)838-9660

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Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 18:08:56 EDT
From: Meats56
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - Show in S.E. Minnesota

Just wanted to say I was wrong with the estimate of cars/trucks at the NSRA
Nationals in Louisville. Last year there were over 12000 vehicles at this
show. All pre-48 and the dates are August 5-6-7& 8

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Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 19:33:46 -0400
From: Paul
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Adhesive

Just spent 7 hours installing a beautiful headliner in my panel.
At the 8th hour, it fell down.

Moral: Even though I have installed 3 earlier headliners in vehicles,
and, in spite of what they tell you at the upholstry shop, don't
install a foam topped with vinyl headliner with just adhesive made for
foam and vinyl.
Now I know why God invented screws, nails, and buttons.

Learning daily, never very well,

Paul Gayda
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Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 19:39:27 EDT
From: BooRulz99
Subject: FTE Pre61 - sterring column

I am looking to change to sterring column in my truck ('57 F-100) and I
was wondering what all parts would I be needing to make the swap? Would i
need a new sterring box and the works or what? Thanks for your help in
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