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FTE Pre61 - cab over f-6
FTE Pre61 - Parts needed
FTE Pre61 - Spring pin removal
FTE Pre61 - Just some question....



Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 09:38:20 -0700
From: Susi Turner-Tripp
Subject: FTE Pre61 - cab over f-6

Hi all, This past saturday I was checking out a junkyard that I
recently discovered. I found a good windshield for my 52 and there is
another good one there still. the most ineresting discovery however, was
a 48-50 f-6 cab over. on a quick look over it appeared to be pretty much
all there, including the phillips 66 gas tank the truck carried. this
place also has a few 53-56, and 57-60 trucks and one unibody short bed.
to this yard I shall retun. L.D. in K.C.
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Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 10:08:09 -0600
From: "Michael White"
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Parts needed

Does anyone have a windshield for a 54 Merc Monterey hardtop for sale? I
also need the windshield wiper assembly (Passenger side) for a 57 Cadillac
Coupe DeVille. Any info on either of these items would be helpfull.

SLC, Utah

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Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 13:39:18 +0100
From: fredg454
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Spring pin removal

Date: Sun, 23 aug 1998
From : Fred Hooper
Subject: Spring pin removal

I've ordered the shop manual from Ford Truck Ent., but until it gets
here can someone tell me about removing the rear spring pins? I want to
access the condition of the bushings and difficulty of working on the
springs myself. I have a '56 F-100. The hanger pins came out without
difficulty. The zerks likewise. but I'm at a loss on how to drive these
pins out. There seems to be an access hole in the frame behind the pins,
but I've tried a little gentle persuasion without luck and I don't want
to damage anything. Help.
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Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 01:21:46 -0500
From: Josh Hamilton
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Just some question....

I have a 1959 F100 with a 3 speed trans and I wanted to know what it
would take to put an overdrive trans in it. I got a trans off my uncle
for FREE but I don't know if it is an overdrive or not. I think that it
was off a 62 F100 ( I know this is pre 61). Does anybody have some
distinguishing features that could help me to figure out if this is an
overdrive or not. I think that it should have a solenoid if it is an
overdrive. This one doesn't so I figure that it isn't an over drive, but
I just wanted to check. Thank you for the help and I will get back to
yall on how everything is going. I just got through putting a 223 in it
that I totally rebuilt I think that I will try to start it this weekend
and tell you guys how it goes. I am also rebuilding the front end
tomorrow!!! Fun Fun Fun. Let you know how it goes.

Big Red ( '59 F-100)

Well my server didn't let me send this e-mail last time so I am trying
it again. I have a little bit more to add on to this one at this time
though so I hope that you won't mind my rambling. I just rebuilt my 223
and I am having a lot of smoke when I run it. My grandfather told me
that he thinks that the rings just haven't had time to seat. Does
anybody have any input on this? I am just trying to make sure that I am
not going to kill my engine right off the stand. I also have a lot of
play in my steering and I don't know if it is out of adjustment or if
the worm gear is trashed. Does any body have any tips on eliminating
play in the steering. I would really appreciate it if you have anything
that could possibly help me out. Thanks. I have really enjoyed getting
all this mail about Fords. So I look forward to hearing anything that
you have to say about my questions.

Big Red Thanks You!!!
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