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fordtrucks-digest Tuesday, January 6 1998 Volume 02 : Number 004

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Re: fordtrucks-digest V2 #3 [Ray Cardogno ]
Re: 6V Automatic Bat'ry Charger? [Dan Wentz ]



Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 00:09:07 -0400
From: Ray Cardogno
Subject: Re: fordtrucks-digest V2 #3

When I was relatively close to home
>in NY someone asked where I was going. Whan I told them Massachusetts they
>said, "boy you got a lot of nerve". When I told the I had just come over
>1500 miles they nearly died. Well, I made it home. The bitmap texture on
>the "Merry Christmas" picture on the pictorial section of this website was
>taken the day I got back home without any breakdowns to my wife and six
>geez ray, that's one of the best stories i ever heard. just goes to prove
>the old adage that "can't means won't". this guy makes us all look like a
>bunch of pansies when it comes to getting what you want. whenever you have
>trouble with yur truck just think of old ray and you'll see how "lucky" you
>really are. on the other hand, compared to raising 6 kids the truck
>adventure was probably like a vacation. my hat's off to ya partner!
>T-bird Terry

It *was* my vacation!



Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 21:35:19 -0800
From: Dan Wentz
Subject: Re: 6V Automatic Bat'ry Charger?

> I''ve been looking in vain for an automatic battery charger with 6V

> Anybody know of one? I don't care if it has the now-common high amp start

I got one at Sears 4-5 years ago. I can't give you a model number off the
top of my head, but it has 6/12 volt settings and a 60 amp start feature.
I paid $55 or $60.


1992 Ford Mustang LX
1950 Ford F1, 351C-2V (starting to get fun again)
Check out my F1 page:


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