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In this issue:

289 marriage [Mel ]
After market gauges [Keith Srb ]
Re: 55' 400/C6 swap/chrys front end [OBKBEE]
Re: 289 marriage [JRFiero]



Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 07:50:14 -0700
From: Mel
Subject: 289 marriage

Does a 289 ci or 351 ci motor bolt to a stock 1954 f-100 3 speed
tranny? If not, is there a conversion kit available?



Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 09:24:28 -0700
From: Keith Srb
Subject: After market gauges

Hello All,

If you were going to put a set of after market gauges in your truck:

1. What gauges would you put in, Tach, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, ETC.

2. Which brand would you use.

Keith Srbherbie
Mesa, AZ
1986 Ford Bronco II, 2.9L (I HATE LITERS) V-6, Mitsubishi 5-Speed.
1980 Harley Davidson, XLH, Rebuilt from the frame up.
1974 Ford F250 Ranger XLT, Camper Special, 390ci 4bbl, Automatic, Long Box,
Style Side.
1966 Ford F100, 240 C.I. Straight Six, Warner T-18 4-Speed, Short Box.
My Blood runs "TRUE BLUE FORD on Four Wheels and Pure HARLEY on Two Wheels!"


Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 17:40:32 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: 55' 400/C6 swap/chrys front end

Hello and Happy Veterans Day-Semper Fi-............I'm a Day late
I have gotten a set of motor mounts and eng crossmember(this piece has yet to
arrive)& xmsn mt & xmbr from Bob's F-100's in Calif.

The transmission mounts. It came with two different mfgrd' triangle type
braces with a 4'' bolt for each w/ the crossmenmber. Where they mount I am
not to sure of. Does anyone have any idea?

I know I have to cut out the old xmsn support and replace it with the new
off set. What I am unsure of is

jniolon wrote me-
>Also the tilt angle on the engine and the pinion angle must also be
within the limits of the travel of the universal joints.
> I set my engine with a 5 degree down angle and the rear-end is
parallel to that. Its' lower but its parallel.. See ?

I think so- Could you give me a little more description John. I think I'm
confusing myself a little.
Looking from the passenger side level with the frame, the crank/xmsn
output shft line parrallel to? or is the differential input and xmsn output
shaft parallel but the
same 5 degree tilt? tilt down on xmsn output and up on rear input. Did you
set your 5 degrees with a compass on the xmsn output shaft. I think I
understand but at the same time drifting to other aspectss. Not deterred in
anyway. When it gets done it will be a gem. Want to make sure I do it
correctly. I never had to re-do anything on my helicopters because of not
think before attack and Luckily I haven't gotten anything wrecked yet on
this. I did talk to a guy who owns a welding buisness and he told me he would
weld them in for me. It's just to hard to weld from a w/c and the worst thing
is notbeing able to get away from the flying bits. Already blew (quite
efficiently) two tires from metal burning through the tire and tubes. I
thought something was funny when I suddenly started falling foreward, :):)
yeah my bonehead, burnt holes in the front tires and now they're flat. No
biggie though, Dusty grabbed my hair in back and lifted and up I stayed. Just
long enough to burn bolts off. I have since switched to semi-pneumatic.

I am now able to tell this incident-
My last day, the ultimate lesson- long story...short :)
Because opf no sense of balance I have to hook my left arm behind the
left arm rail of the w/c to compensate for weight of what I am holding in the
right hand tipping me over. It starts with just a few ounces. Working with
pneumatic tools I would have a 3/4 in piece of plywood on the lap to
protect.....that personal area. This day, because of balance/motion
requirement to accomplish the mission I did not use this and I was in 7th
heaven torching ja' vue.....ahhhh the memories, the semblance of
function I was exerting, I felt like a real person doing what was in my
heart, what I loved (i wish it were helicopters but) life was real
again.........pssssssssst-knock,knock (felt a tapping in my head) reality
calling, exit dream land, ah by any chance you have any idea what that
"WARMTH" is between your legs besides the slight odor of "BURN" plus the temp
in that area began to rise. OOOPS Fliiiiiiiing off goes the towel and on the
last layer of towel on top of my pants there was this very pretty glowing
chunk of nut & bolt. It was hoooooot but didn't incurr real physical damage
The thought process started to greatly influence me to say the least.
Conclusion- no more torches kennyb. I say that now but I live alone and try
an do, just more mental application and I'll be ready to try again. For a
moment there I just wanted to get rid of everything. Now that I am all
healed-darm truck will have more of my blood than tranny fluid:)
This sure is turning out to be a great experience. I'm livin, learnin an
lovin this whole thing. And everybodys input! 41yr feel like 21 again
Thanks-Kent, obkbee

by the bye- I'm sorry I wandered and thought of swapping in a chevy 12 bolt
rear. I've gotten good responses and I'll stick with the lincoln w/discs.


Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 20:52:01 -0500 (EST)
From: JRFiero
Subject: Re: 289 marriage

In a message dated 97-11-11 10:54:13 EST, you write:

tranny? If not, is there a conversion kit available?
Not sure of the answer for a 54, but I have an adapter, along with the
flywheel, which allowed a 289 to hook up to a light duty 3 spd (column
shift), then a 4spd crashbox of unknown vintage, in a 52 panel . I suspect
its a different setup from yours, since the 52 was originally a flathead V8.
Others on the list may be able to say yay or nay.


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