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In this issue:

1999 F250/F350 prototype photos from a list member [Ken Payne
1999 F250/F350 photos - whoops! [Ken Payne ]
Re: New to F100 with some questions [Dan Wentz ]
Re: New to F100 with some questions [R Garber ]
ford 9" rearend search [jniolon]
9" rear identification ["Lee Hardy" ]



Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 12:12:54 -0400
From: Ken Payne
Subject: 1999 F250/F350 prototype photos from a list member

The 1980+ list will really appreciate this since it seems to
be the hot topic right now..... but all the lists are being

A list member who lives near the Ford testing grounds saw the
F250/F350 prototype in a local parking lot at night. Most of
the hood area is concealed with plastic and the two photos are
grainy since its night. However, the grill shots do show a
"meaty" looking front end on this short bed crew cab. Follow
the link on our home page. I didn't skrink down the pictures
for the web site. That way you can see as much detail as
possible since this is a night shot and its very difficult so
see much.

Before anyone jumps down my throat for displaying these...
these pictures are not "spy shots". Had Ford not wanted this
truck to be seen they wouldn't have driven it to a department
store. I will not show spy shots on the site as I believe in
not letting Ford's competition know what they have planned.
These photos just confirm a little of what Ford showed on their
truck that's been displayed at the auto shows.


Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 12:26:13 -0400
From: Ken Payne
Subject: 1999 F250/F350 photos - whoops!

Sorry about that, I forgot to post the first picture (the one
with the grill shot). Web site should now properly display both!



Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 11:56:33 -0700
From: Dan Wentz
Subject: Re: New to F100 with some questions

>The steering gear box leaks - is there a gasket that I can replace easily
>that will stop that?

There are many gaskets at the bottom of the box. They are of varying
thickness and are actually part of the adjustment of the box. These
probably could leak. There's also a gasket on the side of the box, and a
felt ring at the top of it. Make sure all the bolts on the box are tight
first. If they're tight and it still leaks then you can buy a gasket kit
for the box for about $4. It isn't much fun to install though as you need
to remove the steering box and column from the truck I haven't tried this,
but I hear you can put a zerk fitting in the filler hole of the steering
box and fill the box with chassis grease. This would be a lot thicker and
would leak less. Has anyone tried this?

>There is a small leak in the gas tank - how much do replacement tanks
>cost, or should I just get this one repaired?

Replacement tanks cost a bundle. You'd be better off getting it repaired.
I've actually seen stuff (a putty if I'm not nistaken) that's supposed to
fill small holes in gas tanks. You might want to try that first.

>The feedback I got about upgrading to a dual master cylinder seems to buy
>a bracket which will allow mounting a 67-71 Maverick drum/drum dual
>master cylinder. Anyone done this - where is the best place to get the

I've done this on my 50, but I have front disks so I used a 72 Mustang
master cylinder. It works great. I got my bracket from Sacramento Vintage.

>I need to do the front brakes, and it seems that maybe the front drums
>are too thin to turn - what other years can I salvage another set of
>drums from?

Front brake drums are the same from 53 to 63. You ever think of converting
to disks?


1992 Ford Mustang LX
1950 Ford F1, 351C-2V
Check out my F1 page:


Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 14:26:02 -0500
From: R Garber
Subject: Re: New to F100 with some questions

>Replacement tanks cost a bundle. You'd be better off getting it repaired.
>I've actually seen stuff (a putty if I'm not nistaken) that's supposed to
>fill small holes in gas tanks. You might want to try that first.
My wifes truck had a small leak just above the seam. I used JB weld, its a
two part epoxy. Cleaned the area with a metal prep pad, made sure it was
clean and dry, mixed it, applied it and let it dry overnight. Four years later
sold it. No leaks.
$5 Vs $200, It lasts at least four years.



Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 15:42 -0400 (EDT)
From: jniolon
Subject: ford 9" rearend search

going junkyard hunting soon for a 9" ford 28 spline limited slip or
traction lock..

found an old yard with "wander and pull" privileges...

I seem to remember somewhere a list of vehicles that showed which had
the limited slip with 28 spline but can't find it.

Is there a quick way,(make and model, i.d. plates, rearend tags, etc)
other than pulling the axles to tell if it's what I'm looking for.

Maybe I could at least narrow it down to a few to look for...does the
door plate show the axle configuration ??? or is there a code # in the
VIN # ???

as always your expertise is greatly advance

cu later



Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 19:25:48 -0400
From: "Lee Hardy"
Subject: 9" rear identification

Hi John: You didn't say what year your truck is, but if you use a 72 and
down rear (the ratio will be on axel tag) about a 3:25, you will have a
bolt in setup for 42-56. After 72, the spring pads were set 3 1/2 " wider
as was the rear. Unless you are going to beat the snot out of your truck,
you don't really care if you have big spline count. Get your rear from a
pickup or station wagon. If you want me to, I will send you a copy of 9"
rear id. I copied it out of an article by Curry enterprises, as seen in
Ford Classic Trucks, a must have book. Let me know if I can be of any
help. Lee Hardy

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