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Re: FTE Pre48 - 1936 Ford
FTE Pre48 - 36 Ford



Date: Fri, 07 May 1999 00:10:00 -0400
From: "Thomas J. Teixeira"
Subject: Re: FTE Pre48 - 1936 Ford

At 11:20 PM 5/6/99 -0400, Gary Vandergrift wrote:
>I keep thinking about the same idea, putting my '37 on a, say a 4X4
>frame. It seems that if this is a good idea then you have to find a
>donor frame that is fairly similar to what you have. You might have to
>move the motor, extend/shorten the frame, would the shock towers fit
>under the fenders?

There's a company that advertises in Hemmings (and probably other places)
that makes a complete fiberglass body for a 1936 pickup that they say can
be used on a late model Ranger chassis as well as a stock/reproduction frame.

Tom Teixeiramailto:tjt
94 Taurus SHO 5-speedNESHOC/SHO Registry
'66 Mustang convertible (200 cid auto)
'35 Ford Pickup (flathead V8)

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Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 20:22:04 -0500
From: "Mike Sargent"
Subject: FTE Pre48 - 36 Ford

For all those wondering why ??
I did not have the original frame when I began building my 36 Street Rod PU
I looked at aftermarket frames, but sorry to say I haven't hit the lotto
I was able to pick up the S-10 frame for $200
it came complete with front suspension, power brakes, and the gas tank
yes I did have to create new motor mounts ( for a 302) as well as a
transmission crossmember, the cab fit fine once I created some body mounts.
I did have to move the Gas tank back about 3-4 inches as well as the rear
I can eventually Slam the front end as Bell Tech offers dropped spindles and
such for the S-10
you do lose depth in the bed, but i don't plan on doing a lot of hauling :>)
I love the body lines of the early ford trucks, I think that's what most of
us are after, as I don't see many people just driving frames down the road.
The was the easiest and most economical way I could get a 1936 on the roa 1936 on 1936 on I had to start with was a cab)
I do have a picture if anyone would like to see it just send me an email
Thanks to all those who have shown interest !!

Mike Sargent

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