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perf-list Digest Sun, 27 Aug 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 131

In This Issue:
Ignition options & also pinging
Which Carb?
Re: compression


Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 13:47:18 -0600
From: "William Whited (Tony)" <f10074>
Subject: compression

I'm looking at a 74 truck that has a 460 and engine compression is
between 90 and 145.  Do you guys think it is a problem?  The engine has
around 115,000 miles on it.  TIA

William (Tony) Whited
74 F100 Ranger Supercab 390
77 F150 Custom 460
El Paso, TX
Semper Fi


Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 15:48:29 -0500
From: Ezekial <ezekial>
Subject: Ignition options & also pinging

I was wondering if anyone has used the Crane ignition components?
I am looking at the HI-6S packaged with their coil for around $150 bucks
in jegs or summit, forgot which. I am also wanting to purchase their in
cab timeing control to help with fluctuating gas octane, and power, and
also to deal with the pinging my engine has been giving me.
I am trying to figure out why it pings and have it narrowed down to 2
Maybe someone can help me on this on too..
I built a new motor and upped the compression rato. I used 9:1 pistons
and had the block decked to .008. I figure I have around 9.4:1 or so??
anyone know if I am guessing wrong?? and I am wondering if I should go
to a colder plug. I am using stock minus the degree colder??

BTW: The engine specs are on my website (below) if someone is wondering
about it to help give me some help. Thanks again.

Ezekial (Derrick)
93 F-150 4x4, 351, SC, SB
66 Fastback Stang, 289HP, 4sp
96 Conv. Stang, 3.8, lil add ons


Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 17:27:02 -0700
From: scott <scott>
Subject: Which Carb?

I had enough of the Motorcraft/Holley on my 84 F-250 W/460.
I pulled the 625 Carter AFB off of my 76 F-250 4x4 W/428 and
installed it on the 84.The 84 runs great,but now the 76 needs
a new AFB or Edelbrock carb.
I can't make up my mind,750 or 625 cfm.It ran fine with the 625
and I'm wondering if the 750 would make it run even better or
if I'm better off with another 625.
I ran the numbers at a carb size site and it stated a 600 is the
perfect size for a 428.I also looked in my Edelbrock catalog and it
states the
750 comes with a little leaner rod/jet combo than I'm currently running
in the 625.
I don't think there would be any increase or decrease in the over all
on or off road performance .I think the only difference would be at WFO.
Is my theory correct? Or am I better off with a 625?
BTW the 428 has headers 2 1/2" dual exhaust with H-pipe and 3 camber
Flowmasters,Edelbrock performer 390 intake,Unilite Dist.,Promaster coil,
RV cam that will be changed out to a hotter one at some point,
10.5 -1 compression and it is balanced.
The truck has a 4 spd and 4.10 gears.
I wheel it and tow with it but it is not a daily driver.(The 84 is).


Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 22:24:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: shane san miguel <v8pinto>
Subject: Re: compression

What will it be used for?  The rule of thumb on
compression is that they should all be within 10% of
each other.  Even is more important than 'how much'
compression it has.  That truck's compression varies
by 40%.  If you're looking for a dependable daily
driver for the next 7 years, I would stay away.  If
you're buying with the intention of doing a rebuild in
a couple of years, then it might not be a bad deal.  I
just did a top end job on a friend's car and his
compression varied by that much.  The cylinder heads
were in very bad shape and the bores had a significant
ridge.  His motor had those readings after 185,000
miles and that truck only has 115,000 on it....  You
get what you pay for.

55 F100 5.0
15.51 87
289 Pinto
--- "William Whited (Tony)" <f10074>
> I'm looking at a 74 truck that has a 460 and engine
> compression is
> between 90 and 145.  Do you guys think it is a
> problem?  The engine has
> around 115,000 miles on it.  TIA
> --
> William (Tony) Whited
> 74 F100 Ranger Supercab 390
> 77 F150 Custom 460
> El Paso, TX
> Semper Fi
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