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perf-list-digest Thursday, September 16 1999 Volume 02 : Number 237

Ford Truck Enthusiasts - Performance
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FTE Perf - The sweetest sound
FTE Perf - headers
FTE Perf - Re: Why we see "Blue".
FTE Perf - Re: FTE offroad - twin turbo 460...



Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 09:23:58 EDT
Subject: FTE Perf - The sweetest sound

Well Folks we did it. My brother and I finished his inline 6 last night. A
project that started in October of last year is finally done. It started as
a simple rebuild, and turned into a massive redesign. This inline six now
sports some Very cool moods. Bottom end is stock, but the pistons have a
swirl cut into the crown to mix the air and fuel more efficiently, head was
gone through, and milled .030 to boost the compression. Fuel comes from a
Holley 390 feeding through a Clifford 4v manifold that also has a coolant
passage under it, to prevent Vapor lock, and dual headers handle the spent
fuel quite nicely. Ignition is from an MSD 6A and Blaster coil. Smog pump
is gone, EGR is gone, other junk like that is gone.

Anyhow, yesterday was the moment of truth. With no plugs in it, we spun the
motor over to build up the oil pressure, and also pumped the bad gas out of
the line. We did this several times yesterday in between other stuff, so we
were sure the engine was well oiled, and we also had a lot of bad gas to pump
out. After the gas cleared up, I hooked up the fuel line and spun it once
more to fill the fuel bowls. Then the spark plugs went back in. I was
outside keeping an eye on all the goodies, and Josh was inside ready to see
what happens. I told him, pump it twice, and hit it. If it dont fire right
away, we did sumthin wrong. Well folks that starter wasnt engaged for more
than 1/4 of a sec before that beast roared to life. And I mean ROAR (still
has open headers). It came to life and ran as smooth as anything Ive ever
seen. It was an incredible feeling. Especially since this is the first
engine Josh has ever built, and my first without someone older and wiser
standing right there reminding me what I forgot. I was nervous to say the
least. Thanks to EVERYONE on this list for their help with this project, it
was of immense help. Yall have a great day, I know I will.

Darrell Duggan
74 F-350 "Tweety
Josh Duggan (Spyder2)
84 F-150 "Zoot"
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Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 01:23:05 -0700
From: Margit Walden
Subject: FTE Perf - headers

a friend of mine is looking for headers that will fit his 56 ford
pickup. it has a 351-c 2-v heads and a volare front end. was wondering
how many people make these and what would be the best brand to use.
thanks. bronco buster.

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Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 14:27:45 -0500
From: Phil DeSanto
Subject: FTE Perf - Re: Why we see "Blue".

>From: "Gerald Ash"
>Subject: Synthetic oils
>>>>>>No FoMoCo doesn't have a synthetic oil; they only ask that
>the first 3000 to 5000 miles on there engine be with regular
>oil to break in the engine, then if you want FoMoCo says it will be
Gerald- that's pretty much the same story I got when we bought a new
Grand Cherok$$. Wait until after first oil change. No warranty problems.
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>From: Tom Ewing
>Subject: Brand loyalty
>It seems to me that "brand loyalty" doesn't exclude the possibility
>of criticizing and expecting that brand to do better.
>snippage of good stuff....More snipping>>
As a Ford fan I'm not threatened by criticisms of Ford. Tom
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- ------------------------------------------------
I've been watching this brand loyalty thing go on now for a week. Nobody
will ever settle this one. Some other manufacturers make some good stuff,
some other people even buy that stuff ( see above ). But when it comes
down to it; for whatever reasons, we LOVE our Fords. I know I'll never
change my mind no matter how much or how hard it is to build my 390 in
my Galaxie, or how expensive it is to find decent heads for my 351w in my
F-100. Heck, I can't even bring myself to put an AC oil filter on em,
even though I know they're good ! My mother-in-law is almost 80, and SHE
could build a hot 350 bow tie, sittin in her Lazyboy. What kind of
challenge is that ? At least with "our brand" we have to think a little.
You can't just buy the latest stuff from Sundays Hot Rod TV show. And
when your done you have something a little different to show for all your
hard work and money. When guys ask why I even fool with Fords, I ask them
if we should all just drive identical vehicles. "Is that what you mean?"
Chevies are like belly buttons and that other orifice......everybody's
got one. (well not everyone) When ever I hear some squirrel say,"why
would anybody spend that much on a F&$#+n Ford", it just hardens my
opinion that much more.
There, I'm all done venting. Now lets go spank some Chevies.
Phil ( 63 1/2 Galaxie - 64 F-100 , 66 Mustang, 81 F-100, 79 F-100, oh,
and 1 darn Jeep )

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Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 18:06:51 -0700
From: George Miller
Subject: FTE Perf - Re: FTE offroad - twin turbo 460...

This was originally posted to the off-road list. Not only is it very
unique, but it contains flow data for the 460 head which compares stock
2.08/1.66 valves with 2.19/1.76s. 2.19 is the '72-74 PI head intake
valve size and 1.76 is larger than the CJ/SCJ 1.725 exhaust valve. Flow
went from 200cfm to 275cfm with the valve change and what looks like
clean-up porting. A 37.5% increase over stock flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm
really looking forward to using my PI heads.

Page for headwork:

Thanks Greg,

George Miller

Greg Carter wrote:
> Its not a truck, but the engine was originally in an 88 truck. Truly
> unique.
> Greg Carter
> Entrust Technologies
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