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Re: FTE Perf - F100 questions
FTE Perf - FW: Turn On Your Lights For Littleton CO]
FTE Perf - Re: OHC's and multiple valves



Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 06:42:46 EDT
From: WJeff43 AOL.COM
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - F100 questions

I have a local garage that specializes in steering and suspension. They work
for about $55.00 an hour + parts, which is not too bad. They took about 3
hours to do the ones on my F100. Bill Jeffreys
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Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 11:41:27 -0500
From: Mike Morton
Subject: FTE Perf - FW: Turn On Your Lights For Littleton CO]

A friend forwarded this request to me.
Thought it would be a good idea if anyone is interested.
Mike Morton

> Turn On Your Lights for America
> As I was driving to work this morning I passed by an elementary
> school and noticed that the flag had been lowered to half-mast in memory
> of the students and their families in Littleton, Colorado. What a
> wonderful
> gesture that simple act is. But, I thought to myself, what can I
> do to show others that I too am deeply affected by this tragedy.
> Turn on a light. Turn on my headlights. Turn on my porch light.
> But how do I get this message to others? Use the Internet. I*m
> sending this message to everyone on my email list and am asking
> that you do the same.
> I am going to turn on my headlights on Friday morning on my way to
> work, on Saturday as I run my errands and especially on Sunday as
> I go to my place of worship. I*m also going to turn on my porch
> lights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.
> I*m going to turn on my lights for the families in Littleton to
> show them that I care about them, that I feel the pain and hurt and
> heartache.
> I*m going to turn on my lights for what is right about this
> country.
> I*m going to turn on my lights against the darkness, the anger and
> the prejudice.
> I hope you will join me. One light is not much but put them together and
> we can light up the world.
> Turn on your lights -- show that you stand for what is right about
> America.
> And as you turn on your headlights and porch lights this weekend;
> turn on the light in your heart and soul. Show the world that this is not
> what
> America is all about. With your light shining bright, along with others,
> we
> can come together (if only for a brief moment) and combat the evil
> that confronts us all.
> Please pass this email on to everyone on your address list. Lets see if we
> can get this message to everyone across this great country before
> Friday morning and lets use the Internet for what it was intended - good.
> Turn on your headlights Friday, Saturday and Sunday April 23rd,
> 24th and 25th.
> Turn on your porch lights Friday, Saturday and Sunday night April 23rd,
> 24th and 25th.
> Light up America. Show that you care about what is right about our
> country.
> Pass this email along as soon as possible.
> --
> Marcie Merritt
> Meeting & Event Planner
> Event & Marketing Services
> Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector
> 6501 West William Cannon
> Austin, TX 78735 Maildrop: MB410
> (512) 895-8938 FAX: (512) 895-6084
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Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 14:07:03 -0700
From: Vogt Family
Subject: FTE Perf - Re: OHC's and multiple valves

On Thu, 22 Apr 1999, Tim Turner wrote:

> Vogt Family wrote:
> > in at 77,160 lbs dry, w/equipment. Water and oil add another 5000 lbs,
> > not counting the sea water needed.
> Just curious.. how much oil?

I'm guessing about 400 gallons.

> > So suffice to say your Bronco II could not even go get an oil change for
> > the mighty 3618.
> Sure it could.. just take a few trips! :-) I'm now wondering if my
> mighty (Ha!) 2.8 would even crank that beast over. (And what *do* they
> use for a starter?)

Two air motors running at 175 psi. They work somewhat like an air
wrench. Some trucks use them, too.

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