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Re: FTE Perf - electric fans
Re: FTE Perf - tranny cooler
Re: FTE Perf - tranny cooler
Re: FTE Perf - pistons
FTE Perf - ADMIN: 1 Million visitors



Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 06:55:58 -0800
From: Dennis Pearson
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - electric fans

Thanks for your message at 01:09 PM 1/31/99 PST, Joe Swinko. Your message was:
>I have a 66 f-100 with a 1972 351w engine and an fmx auto trans. I have
>bought a four core radiator for it for the extra cooling for the
>occasional towing. The problem is the engine's mechanical fan. I have a
>few questions:
>1.Can I bolt the fan to the pulley without the spacer?
>2.Should I use electric fans ? I have two FLex-a-lite M110/120 fans.
>3.If yes to #2: can I use the nylon bolts through the radiator or should
>I fabricate a set of brackets out of metal to mount the fans?

I don't know if this will help, but in my '62 F100 w/ 351C, I discarded
the mechanical fan and use a single elctric (large) from an (ugh!) IROCZ
(set up as a "pusher"). It works great, running right at 180-190 all year
long, with a noticeable power increase. Oh yeah, I have a manual switch,
which I really do intend to replace with a thermostat switch one day.
Dennis Pearson in Kennewick, WA

1962 Unibody, short box, big window--351C
1966 F250 Custom Cab, 352, 4-speed
1962 short stepside (big empty space under the hood)
I shortened this to only FT's
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Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 15:54:34 -0500 (EST)
From: Justin Farcas
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - tranny cooler

I know, my tranny is in TERRIBLE cond. I mean, there's a metallic lok to
the liquid, and it is burnt to hell. THink I should just have the tranny
> I'd disconnect both lines, position them where they'll both exit into a
> gallon container and make sure your fluid is getting to and from the
> cooler. If it is, check out the cooler for flow. The primary function of a
> trans cooler to provide additional cooling capacity for the fluid. Extra
> cooling capacity is normally required for beyond average operating
> conditions. Have you changed the trans fluid? Depending on how you use your
> truck, the fluid can break down real quick. I run a modified 460 w/C6 and
> B&M trans cooler on the street, and change it every 15,000 miles.
> Last but not least and maybe first, pull your trans dipstick and smell the
> fluid. If it smells burned, use a fresh container of fluid as a comparison,
> your trans needs to be torn down and rebuilt. About $700 at a quality shop,
> and it'll be good for a long, long time. For another $500 you can add the
> wide ratio gears and big servo. I haven't done one but have watched and
> would consider a remove/rebuild/replace cheap at that price unless you had
> it out for another purpose.
> George Miller
> I've got an external tranny cooler on my 79 F150 4x4. Problem is, my
> fluid keeps getting burnt inside the C-6. either it's hooked up wrong,
> or faulty. I need someon who knows about this kinda thing to tell me
> what should be connected where.
> As it is, there are two outlets on the cooler, and the lines lead from
> the two outlets to the tranny housing. I don't know if's that correct,
> but that's how it's hooked up now.
> Should there be any change in this? Or is my cooler faulty?
> Thanks for all your help.
> And yeah, my 460 is still burning oil, think I'm gonna go to a workshop
> and ask if I can use their compression tester...
> Seeya 'round,
> -Justin Farcas
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Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 15:58:16 -0500 (EST)
From: Justin Farcas
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - tranny cooler

Also, since I see you've got a truck w/ a big block 460, I was wondering
if you knew anyone interested in buying mine...

-Justin Farcas
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Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 14:39:46 -0700
From: "Dave Resch"
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - pistons

>From: "ben"
>Subject: FTE Perf - pistons
>How much do you think these bushings would

Yo Ben:

Around here (Denver, CO), most engine shops get $12-$18 per rod for the
whole thing, including labor and the bushing material. You should call
around to the shops in your area to see what the going rate is there.

>Also, what pistons would you recommend
>if I go with the bushings?

There are umpteen 351C piston designs around. It would probably be in your
best interest to do a little research on your own, just so you have some
idea of what's available.

I'll pass on a few tips based on my experience.

I like to see a static CR of 9.0-9.5:1 in a 400 engine. The lower the
altitude at which you expect the engine to spend most of its life, the
lower in that range I'd shoot for (9.0:1 at sea level, which is the
original 1971 spec).

I like cast pistons more than forged pistons for 3 reasons: 1) the cast
material transfers heat better than forged, reducing the engine's
predisposition to knocking a little, 2) cast pistons are easier to work
with as far as machining/setting up the block, and 3) cast pistons are a
lot cheaper than forged. As long as you're not using the engine for
extreme performance racing applications, I think forged pistons are an
unnecessary expense.

So far, my personal favorite is the Keith Black #177 hypereutectic cast
piston. It's a flat top design similar to the original 351C 2V pistons and
the 1971 400 piston. With a little polishing and clean up in the M-block
combustion chambers, I calculated about 9.37:1 static CR.

>Looking for idle - 3500 rpm range power.

As far as the engine's power band, I think the camshaft plays a bigger role
in determining that than any other component. I like a cam w/ intake
duration 0.050" of 210 to 224 degrees, exhaust duration 0.050" of 218
to 230 degrees, lobe separation minimum 110 degrees, and gross lift of
0.490" to 0.530". The longer duration (and higher lift) will give you a
lot more mid-range power (2K to 5k rpm), but it'll also give you more at
lower rpms.

>Thanks for the info on the 4v
>heads, I was just about to go buy them!

Phew!! Glad we steered you clear of that one! Now use that money to get
the rods bushed and get some nice pistons and you'll have a rip-snortin'
truck engine you'll be proud of.

Dave R (M-block devotee)

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Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 01:44:12 -0500
From: Ken Payne
Subject: FTE Perf - ADMIN: 1 Million visitors

Hi gang!

Its official! Just compiled the January logs and we
had our one millionth visitor to the Ford Truck
Enthusiasts web site late in the month. In our first
year, we had slightly over 100,000 visitors and over
900,000 in the second year.

Our monthly visitor growth has been about 19% since we
started. Current list membership hovers around 4,000.
Many had privately expressed a concern this past summer
about FTE's ability to handle the growth. We've taken
steps which we believe have been successful:

- - The BBS has offset the mailing list growth and made it
manageable. Hit and run subscribers aren't as common

- - The new classifieds are not only far more powerful,
they also require less of my time.

- - The new chat is virtually maintenance free (although
its difficult to use the first time around).

- - Ordering on the web site means I don't have to spend
time each evening checking the PO box (now we check on
Tuesdays and Saturdays). This has been very important
because cash flow was suffering again and we needed to
pay for the classifieds software and server upgrades
(the load is getting huge, close to 200,000 file hits
per day). Our costs have gone way up lately.

Pictorial submissions have gone way up recently too, with
as many as 10 pictorial submissions per week!

Look for more additions to our content as we continue to
grow. Thank you to everyone for making FTE the community
it has become! You're really a great bunch! Hope to
meet some of you at the Pigeon Forge Supernationals.

Ken Payne

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