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Barn full of parts
Re: Voting Results
Gold Mine
Re: Voting Results
Re: Barn full of parts
Re: Flaps!
Re: Voting Results
Re: Powerstroke Problems
Re: Flaps!
tachometer signal
'46 rear axle bearing race trouble
Re: Flaps!
Re: Flaps!



>From ssilverthorn Fri Mar 14 22:48:41 1997 From: Steve and Diana Silverthorn Subject: Barn full of parts

I have just been recently contacted by a guy in NE Connecticut that has a barn full of parts for
35-56 Ford trucks that he's looking to get rid of. He wasn't very specific about the parts except he
had chasis, cabs, running gear and doors etc. He didn't say anything about the condition. I have asked
him to expand on his offering and if you have an interest, post a message, and I'll send another message
to elaborate (if I hear back) and give his email address

Thanks Steve

Steve from Canada
56 Ford, F-100

>From canzus Fri Mar 14 23:02:27 1997 From: Steve & Rockette Subject: Re: Voting Results

> For Split: 23 = 38.33%
> Against Split: 37 = 61.66%
>At this point we are keeping the list whole.

Ain't America great??? I voted for the split, but after reading some of the arguments against it tonight, I have gained a little insight into the ownership of the best trucks on earth.
Just wanted to say thanks....

Steve & Rockette...Lifes a beach
'57 F100 Shorty
'63 F100 Longbox

>From lumstruk Fri Mar 14 23:36:46 1997 From: "Scott Hogue" Subject: Flaps!

I've got a `97 Splash, and need mud flaps. Does anyone know if there's a company that makes flaps that will use existing holdes? I hate to drill if it can be avoided......

>From rmeier Sat Mar 15 00:10:21 1997 From: rmeier (Roger Meier)
Subject: Gold Mine

OK group, I have (hahahahhaahaha) found the mother lode. Never in my life had I dreamed I would again see such a collection of information. No drooling please. I was at a friends house last night (he is a Corvette lover) and he showed me his pile of old Ford parts books and shop manuals that he had accumulated back in the mid to late 50's while he was working at a Ford dealership in N.J. He gave me a sample to look at for a few days (he doesn't want to give them up yet but says when he is ready to he will remember me) and here is a partial listing: Restorers guides for 33 and 34 Ford from the Ford achives from way back when (with a lot of dimensional and spec information) Parts books for 55-57 Ford and another for 55-56 Ford and T-birds Shop manual for 53 Ford trucks
Body parts book for 35 Cars and light trucks (commercials) Body parts book for 36 Cars and commercials upholstery samples for 40 and 42 cars
Two speed axle parts books for 38 to 46 trucks Chassis parts book (engine and running gear) for 38-44 cars and trucks All this has lots of model identification information also.
Many parts price list books

Mitch, the 21C in your VIN appears to be a model number (not a body type) and indicates it is a 114 inch wheelbase 1/2 ton commercial chassis vehicle with a 90 hp 8 cyl engine.

Of course like most Ford parts books there are quite a few pictures that aid in model and year identification.

Enough of this for now, must get back to exploring.
Roger Meier

>From jstrigas Sat Mar 15 05:28:06 1997 From: "Jim" Subject: Re: Voting Results

Can we vote on Aerostars to be on the list?
God Bones let it die!
Damn it Jim, I can't. Damn it, I'm a Doctor! Damn it, I took an oath to keep things alive!
That's not logical Doctor!
Damn it Spock, what do you know, your mother cropped your ears and told people your father was a Valcon, so they wouldn't tease you about those hubcaps on the sides of your head! Damn it, I need to keep things alive.
Damn it, If only I thought this way when I was young, my father wouldn't have died. But Damn it, how'd you know, feeling are probably not logical, are they Spock?
I'm not a Valcon ;[ ?

Hi Guys!
As you may have guessed by now, I think I'm a comedian (Yes, I have heard other definitions, I like comedian)! I joined the list once before and quit, I had my head in a dark and lonely place, but I'm much better now!
Thanks Ken for your all work. I'm glad it went well! I hope you have a good time tonight!
Well I just wanted to say hi to everyone, Does anyone live in So. Cal.
(I'm in Rancho Cucamonga). I just heard from Rick Larson. What a cool Bro!
The Mega genius that I am, I didn't mark, or record how I had my vacuum lines when I pulled my intake manifold. He was willing to go out and check his for me! Get this it's under 8" of snow! Man out here I could ask someone and I'd get, "AS IF"! I don't know where you are Bro, but I hope your warm! We moved from Mass. to CA. in 1962. I was a wee lad of 7, so my memory of snow is neck deep and freezing cold.
I'm just finishing up a project on my truck. I put a set of shorty headers form a late model Mustang Conv. I also installed a breakerless ignition system I pulled from a 1977 Merc. $23.00 from Ecology Auto Wrecking 50% off sale. The cap, rotor and plugwires were new. ignition module, coil, wire harness and distributor were all in good shape, and work great! I have also replaced the belt driven fan with an electric fan. I have no way to show improvement, and it may be all in my head, but it seems to run a lot smoother and has more power. But then what do I know, I thought my Aerostar had a frame (It's a joke! I'm just being a Smart As...I mean a Comedian, ya that's it I'm being a Comedian)! Next I want to install my Holley spread bore. But that's another story!

I think I've had enough fun with the Aerostar. I'll let it die, before I piss someone off!

Damn it Jim, you can't do that!

I'm not a Valcon? Maybe I'm a Falcon? No that's not logical. Maybe I'm a doctor, hmm, a doctor? Doctor Spock? That's it!
You two quit acting like children!


OK! Sorry!

Hmm, that seemed to work! Maybe I'll write a book! ;]

Jim Strigas jstrigas
"73" Ford F100 (piece a %*&#^ Love it, I Just Love it!) "89" Ford Aerostar (a Frameless Hussy, But a good ol Gal.) "83" Yamaha XJ900RK (Best Gift of my life! From my best friends! RSCL) "86" Honda GoldWing GL1200 (OK, this part goes here, and this... this... I think goes on the truck.)

Be Cool Daddy-O {B-)>

> From: Ken Payne
> Subject: Voting Results
> Date: Friday, March 14, 1997 4:26 PM
> Vote results:
> ================================================================
> Let me begin by saying thanks to everyone for being very civil
> about this whole matter. That was why at one point I asked for
> private email, I was afraid that a flame war would errupt. No
> flame war came about. Next time we have a vote I believe it
> would be a good idea to have a public, civil debate since this
> issue went so well. The voting process in the future will be
> via the web page form again - it made things on this end much
> easier to deal with.
> I'm heading out for the evening so I won't be available to
> respond to comments until tomorrow. Everyone have a good one.
> The issue voted on was whether or not we should split the list
> into two lists:
> 1. 1979 and earlier trucks
> 2. 1980 and later trucks
> In brief:
> ---------
> For Split: 23 = 38.33%
> Against Split: 37 = 61.66%
> At this point we are keeping the list whole. The votes where
> not split along new and old truck owners but spread out pretty
> evenly amoung both groups.
> Detailed opinions of members: Some of these were posted to the
> list, some arrived via private email. Some editing was required
> in order to keep members anonymous. I took out year models of
> vehicles, makes and number of vehicles in order to keep members
> from being identified. Editing was done regardless of whether
> or not the email was privately sent. Also, the text was formated
> to 65 columns (most readers are ok with this value).
> -------------
> 1. Hey Ken,
> > Should we split the list into two seperate lists?
> > Specifically, pre-1980 trucks and 1980+ trucks?
> FWIW, I think we should take that wait and see approach....
> The wide range of truck discussions has not become overly
> burdensome to my email account.....yet. Maybe it could be
> re-evaluated once we get a few more signups....As for the
> years you chose for the breaking point...I think that
> would work okay for me.
> Just my opinion. BTW, the list is really great!
> This one was publicly posted:
> 2. I like it the way it is now.
> This one was a public reply to the previous one:
> 3. >I like it the way it is now.
> >
> I agree
> 4. I personally would object to splitting the group in two, as
> I would have interests in both groups. I own a 198x xxxxxx
> and a 195x xxxxxx.
> My 2 cents
> This one was posted publicly:
> 5. I'm NOT in favor of it....I enjoy seeing post on everything.
> I can get ideas from any year.
> This one was a public reply to the previous one:
> 6. No, do not seperate the list.
> I aggree with the reply.
> Thats my vote.
> 7. First I'd like to thank you for your time and efforts in
> setting up this list. I'm in favor of not splitting the
> list. Even though I gather the most information from the
> pre '80s posts, I enjoy reading the post '80s too. Also,
> the mail archiving service sounds O.K.
> 8. I have only been a member for slightly over a week now.
> But have gained much knowledge in that short period.
> I do not think that a split is necessary at this but in
> the future might be required as number of members grow.
> Now, each member could be more discriminate in the messages
> that are read. It takes me approxiamtely one minute to
> read the crux of a message. If not required information
> I delete it and move on to the next.
> I have a xxxxx, xxxxx and in the process of acquiring a
> xxxxx.
> 9. I vote no. Don't split the group. I like reading about all
> the Ford trucks.
> 10. I own a xxxx 4x4, and I tune into the list in order to keep
> current on what's happening with late-model trucks, and still
> keep up with problems/solutions on older trucks.
> Just because you don't hear much from "us newer model owners"
> doesn't mean we're not out here.
> As Ford sells more '97's with the modular engine family, I
> expect that the list will begin to see more questions about
> performance, safety, and handling concerns.
> Keep the list whole.
> 11. NO SPLIT
> I enjoy reading about both groups, I may buy a new ford
> truck and this will tell me what trucks to avoid and which
> ones are good. Also I may decide to put a new engine in
> my 19xx F100 and I will need the help with the wiring. If
> the new truck owners start making alot of post to were
> it's warranted maybe then.
> 12. If the owners of newer trucks are not posting...why split?
> I like to see the old truck stuff and the new truck stuff
> (maybe someday I'll replace the 19xx Fxxx). It is nice
> to see the discussions on what parts will work on my old
> truck while collecting information on the newer trucks.
> 13. *** Don't know if this one should count ***
> I believe that there is too much valuable information
> that can be gained for each group to split up the mailing
> list. Although, both years can vary dramastically, there is
> still alot of common knowledge that can be gained from each
> other.
> One last note, I am not a subscriber YET, but I do bleed Ford
> Blue and look for as many avenues as possible to solve a
> problem or just gain valuable Ford info.
> Good Luck...
> 14. Even though I've got a newer truck I still like reading
> about the older ones. Besides, there probably wouldn't be
> much traffic on the 1980 and newer list, so I vote to keep
> one list.
> 15. I like getting information on the newer truck's, and seeing
> what might fit on my old truck as well.I vote no split.
> 16. NO SPLIT
> Even though I have a 'xx I enjoy reading about the older
> trucks as I have had a 'xx,'xx and a 'xx!
> 17. The traffic is really not that great to force a split.
> I will probably not be using the group *that* much other than
> when I have questions to pose to the list. I think some
> things are relative to both sides of the list, (info about
> gear ratios for example, and maybe talk of people projects
> will lead new truck owners to start their own "project"
> truck. Or vice versa. Since the digest is available, if
> people don't want the traffic, use the digest.
> 18. I vote no split. I have trucks on both sides of the this
> wall and although most of my postings are about the older
> trucks, I pickup (no pun intended) ideas and helpful hints
> for the newer truck also.
> 19. Keep the group together. As long as folks are clear in the
> subject area I maintain my ability to ignore messages I
> think I wouldn't want to read.
> 20. I am currently interested only in the newer trucks, however
> the information passed about tricks and tips that cover the
> older trucks interest me.
> Keep it together.
> 21. I'm looking for an early V8 1/2 ton (19xxs or xxs. I know
> when I find it, it will need work, and I will need help.
> From my reading of the list it seems as though the owners
> of the newer trucks have a generously given knowledge about
> all years and so I see no reason from my end to limit any
> answers to questions I might post. If I don't want to read
> something posted I just skip over it. Whats the big deal.
> THANK YOU for the list Ken.
> 22. I do not think we need to split. I own trucks from 19xx to
> 19xx and enjoy comments from all Ford owners.
> 23. NO SPLIT (This is from the web form vote with no comment)
> 24. NO SPLIT (This is from the web form vote with no comment)
> 25. NO SPLIT
> I have only been subscribed a few days but it doesn't seem to
> me to be necessary. There isn't so much traffic that it is
> overwhelming to review and many subjects have some relevance
> to both groups. If the group gets much bigger then consider
> splitting, but not now.
> 26. I like the list the way it is. And thanks for getting it
> started!
> 27. My vote is no - although I don't read all the mail that comes
> my way (if I can't help or has no interest) I want the chance
> to make that choice. Some things in all years can be
> beneficial if you are doing the street rod thing like I am...
> 28. Keep it the same, all information is good information
> 29. I vote to keep the list as one group all years.
> 30. I'd just as soon keep it one list.
> 31. I vote not to split the group. Someday I just maybe able to
> afford one of those nice new powerstroke Fords. My old one
> does the job right now. I would like to know what to look for
> in the new.
> 32. Keep the list together.
> I own a newer model but am looking for an older one.
> Thanks.
> 33. NO SPLIT (This is from the web form vote with no comment)
> 34. Ken, for now I vote for one combined list. I've got new,
> and feel that alist for newer vehicles would have little. So
> I get to listen to these 'old' guys rattle on.
> Beats Seinfeld, fer sure....
> 36. NO SPLIT
> Although it makes for a lot of reading, I like the
> information received on all trucks as there are some topics
> that can't be divided into years. In the end my truck will
> look stock but definitely won't be mechanically (a sleeper
> in the truest sense!)
> 37. NO SPLIT
> i have ford trucks on both sides of
> those dates and im always looking for
> others, so all information is important
> for now and possibly in the future.
> i feel that all ford trucks are related
> and it would be bad to forget about
> where you came from.
> ---------
> 1. I'm for 2 lists; 80 up & 79 back. For us older truck owners
> it is hard to get interested in, for example, diesel engine
> questions or parts for an 88 pickup. I'm sure the later group
> would feel the same. Thanks.
> 2. Ken:
> Why not offer the split?
> I have new and old iron and will subscribe to both but I am
> sure that there are some that only check mail every few days
> and those people would benefit from the reduction of mail.
> Anyway, I enjoy the list and the informative advice that I
> have received from you and others.
> 3. I am in favor of splitting the group. I'm mostly interested
> in the older stuff, but I enjoy the newer too. The only
> problem is that I don't always have time to read all the
> messages every day as it is, and the traffic is increasing.
> So I might get both for a while, and if it gets to be too
> much, drop the newer list.
> One problem is that there maybe someone with a rather
> generic question and can't send it to both lists. One
> solution I've seen on other lists is to have separate topics.
> That is, have people include in their subject line the words
> "NEW" or "OLD" and the list server would keep track of what
> each subscriber wants to see and only send pertinent messages
> out. If someone has a generic question or if someone
> forgets, they leave out the NEW or OLD and it goes to
> everyone. This might work up to a point. You can alwaysadd
> more topics too.
> Note From Ken: I don't think our list server software can
> do that!
> This was the public post that started it all:
> 4. Has there been any thought of splitting the digest format of
> this group into smaller groups? I am all for it. I would
> suggest that you split the newsgroup into two groups 1)
> 1970's and earlier trucks and 2) 1980's and newer. I am
> having a problem with my mail system getting all of the
> digest version. The messages are too long. The standard
> version has too many messages. Those that respond to
> this, do not reply and copy the whole message, take some
> time and snip it.
> 5. Rather than split along 1980s and later lines, how about
> breaking the list up into two groups: resto issues vs
> non-resto issues.
> That seems to me to be what the real differences are...
> 6. I suggest that we split it as you indicated in your message.
> Hopefully we can still keep the digest format
> 7. As long as I have access to both groups,
> I am for the split. It makes it easier
> to orgainze everything.
> 8. 1. I think we should still have the option of receiving both
> if at all possible.
> 2. Please don't get rid of the 1980 and newer list.
> (Note from Ken: We will not exclude any year models)
> 9. I think the list should split. Information has been coming
> to my box about really old trucks. This is fine. However,
> my truck is not old and thus just wastes my time. Thank you.
> 10. I'd like to see a split group. as growth continues e-mail may
> become unmanable on both ends.
> 11. Too much e-mail to read on older vehicles
> that, although interesting, I do not
> have the time to read.
> Also, since I do this at work - in my free
> time - it loads down the mail server with
> mail not related to "business use."
> 12. Split list.
> 13. Split the list, "old and new"
> 14. I think that we should keep post '80 trucks out in fear of
> letting electronics questions run rampant. If it breaks
> down in the middle of nowhere and you need a guy with a
> computer science degree to fix it again, it is not much of
> a work vehicle is it? Sorry I'm just a bit prejudiced.
> The newest truck we own is a 19xx Fxxx Camper Special
> 15. My truck is a xx Fxxx.
> I think we ought to split the group.
> 16. Split it! I'm mainly looking for talks about new trucks
> 17. Yes, I vote to split the list pre-80, post-80.
> Everyone will be served by this move.
> 18. My vote as you could probably already tell is to split the
> digest group into the following:
> Classic trucks 1970's and earlier
> Newer trucks 1980's and newer
> 19. Yes, I would like to see the split.
> Should be the same date Ford stopped using carburetors.
> Alternatively, you could split it pre-and post- electronic
> ignition : )
> 20. I would vote to split the group. It will be benefit the
> people that don't have the time to go through the whole
> list. And for the people that have older and newer trucks,
> can the subscribe to both??
> Note from Ken: Yes, you would be able to subscribe to both.
> 21. I own a 19xx Fxxx, so that's my main reason for wanting to
> split the group (the newer stuff is irrelevant to me). Like
> many people have mentioned, I'm interested in knowing what
> newer parts will work on my xx, but all the parts for engine
> or rear end swaps (for example) come from pre 1979 trucks
> anyway.
> 22. SPLIT
> I have no interest in newer computercontrolled emissions
> choked plastic trucks. I have two cars that fit into this
> category and they are nothing but a means to get me
> somewhere. My true joy is my xxxhp 19xx xxxxx.
> 23. SPLIT (This is from the web form vote with no comment)
> -Ken Payne
> 1967 Ford F100 Custom Cab, 390 FE V8
> List maintainer, send me comments and suggestions.
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>From Ct1Yankee Sat Mar 15 07:47:12 1997 From: Ct1Yankee
Subject: Re: Barn full of parts

Steve, sounds like a potential goldmine! I would definately be interested in learning more, thanks for the tip.

>From kpayne Sat Mar 15 09:30:47 1997 From: Ken Payne Subject: Re: Flaps!

At 11:36 PM 3/14/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I've got a `97 Splash, and need mud flaps. Does anyone know if there's a
>company that makes flaps that will use existing holdes? I hate to drill if
>it can be avoided......

You ought to be able to use most any flap. Most of them are made so that you punch holes (with a thick paper hold puncher) to fit your truck.
Ask any of the larger auto parts store if they have an accessory catalog.
Advance Auto does (just don't go there looking for help - they're idiots, at least down in the South). A few brand names come to mind: PlastiColor, Powerflow and Groboski. I know for a fact that Powerflow makes OEM specific flaps with no drilling of the truck or punching the flap. Most auto parts stores can order you these items. Good luck.

-Ken Payne
1967 Ford F100 Custom Cab, 390 FE V8
List maintainer, send me comments and suggestions.
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>From kpayne Sat Mar 15 09:40:45 1997 From: Ken Payne Subject: Re: Voting Results

At 05:28 AM 3/15/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Can we vote on Aerostars to be on the list?

>I think I've had enough fun with the Aerostar. I'll let it die, before I
>piss someone off!

I doubt it. Ford owners are hard to piss off. You get thick skinned after hearing "Found On the Road Dead" or "Fix Or Repair Daily" 5 billion times! As if GM has anything to be proud of... Go look up ***any*** 1-15 year old GM car on the Alldata site (there's a link to it on the truck list web site) and you'll shudder at the shear volume of reported problems. My 67 F100 has had 2 complaints from individuals in 30 years. Some of the recent Cadiwrecks have literally hundreds.

-Ken Payne
1967 Ford F100 Custom Cab, 390 FE V8
List maintainer, send me comments and suggestions.
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>From bd-vfi Sat Mar 15 11:40:13 1997 From: "Brian Roth" Subject: Re: Powerstroke Problems


I just joined up and am glad to see some of you folks own diesels.

Our shop is located in Vancouver area of BC and though we are located in the so called Banana belt of Canada we have many dealers (ford & after market) through out the north. I have heard of this problem in cold weather starts. Your engine has come with a heat riser butterfly that closes when the temp drops below 45 F and it doesn't open until engine temp rises. If you start up and drive the engine against this butterfly valve the back pressure developed can cause the exhaust valves to stay open and they are kissed by the pistons. This of course causes the push tubes to bend. The fast idle kit decreases the amount of time it takes for the engine to warm up but doesn't change the pressure problem.

We manufacture exhaust brakes automotive diesels. On the Power Stroke application we replace the heat riser casting with our casting that builds higher pressure (5psi stk, 15 psi BD)but opens the instant you touch the accelerator pedal.
The pressure that is causing the valve springs to open is around 60 psi!

If you want to try disconnecting the heat riser butter fly you must pull the rod off the butter fly then wire it open. I don't recommend this though since there is also another problem that is called "wet stacking" which is when the fuel doesn't burn in the cylinder because its to cold. This puddling causes hydraulicing which pushes the valve up and bends push rods.
Increasing the back pressure at idle with our brake will put the engine under load and it will warm up faster. Running a Diesel engine fast puts more cold air into the cylinder.

Brian Roth
BD Engine Brake

> From: Douglas J. Howard
> Subject: Powerstroke Problems
> Date: Thursday, March 13, 1997 6:31 PM
> I am driving a 1995 powerstroke with about 20,000 miles on it in very
> cold climate conditions. It did not come equipped with the idle-up kit.
> I have begun to have serious problems. Since the New Year, the truck has
> been back to the dealer three times for push-rod replacements. The
> dealer's and Ford Canada's story is that the tolerance between the
> valve stems and the valve guides is so tight that under extremely cold
> conditions (-35 to -45 degrees fahrenheit) the valve stems are actually
> in contact with the walls of the guides and do not move when the rocker
> arms try to activate them. This puts pressure on the push rods which
> then bend. The contact between the valve stems and the guides is really
> quite apparent at start-up with the very loud clatter of the moving parts

> (much louder than the normal deisel engine start-up clatter).
> During the last trip to the garage, the dealer replaced all 16 push rods
> and says if that does not do the trick, the heads will have to be
> replaced. Through all of this process, the dealer has replaced an
> injector, several sensors and at least two glow plugs. The dealer has
> also said all along that I need the idle-up kit so that the vehicle
> generates enough heat at idle to prevent the problem. I don't buy it
> because the problem occurs at start-up not after the engine has warmed up

> and after it is warm. I am also told by the dealer that all powerstrokes

> sold in cold climate areas must be purchased with the idle-up kit option.
> Since virtually all of the past posts to this list have nothing but
> good to say about the powerstroke I wonder if anyone else is having the
> problem and whether a solution has been found.
> BTW, the truck is equipped with a 1000w block heater, an oil pan heater a

> belly tarp and a cold front over the grill.
> On a more positive note, until this most recent experience, I was very
> pleased with this engine. I pull a 32 foot fifth wheel at about 11,000
> lbs and the engine has rarely had to work hard. In fact, the only time
> it has been out of 3rd gear (automatic) was over three or 4 short 17% and
> 18% grades on Vancouver Island starting at the bottom at low speed. Fuel
> mileage has been in the range of 14 to 21/22 MPG depending on terrain,
> road conditions and whether the trailer is behind. I too change the oils
> and filter every 3000 miles - with the trailer behind in mountain driving
> I have had to add up to a quart between changes. That is neither
> surprising nor unusual.
> I'll appreciate advice, info and sympathy as it comes back.
> djh in Canada's frozen north.
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>From silent.bob Sat Mar 15 12:15:21 1997 From: silent.bob
Subject: Re: Flaps!

My 95 came stock with mud flaps. Try going to the dealer

On Fri, 14 Mar 1997 23:36:46 -0500 (EST) "Scott Hogue" writes:
>I've got a `97 Splash, and need mud flaps. Does anyone know if
>there's a
>company that makes flaps that will use existing holdes? I hate to
>drill if
>it can be avoided......
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>From silent.bob Sat Mar 15 12:14:51 1997 From: silent.bob
Subject: tachometer signal

Where is the tach signal coming from
in a 95 Ranger?



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>From mmiller Sat Mar 15 14:16:04 1997 From: "Mitch Miller" Subject: '46 rear axle bearing race trouble To: FORDTRUCKS

Both hub bearing-races on the rear axle of the '46 pickup have seen better times. Problem is, how do you replace them?

They look like they are part of the axle housing.

Mitch Miller

>From lumstruk Sat Mar 15 18:32:47 1997 From: "Scott Hogue" Subject: Re: Flaps!

> My 95 came stock with mud flaps. Try going to the dealer
> >I've got a `97 Splash, and need mud flaps. Does anyone know if
> >there's a
> >company that makes flaps that will use existing holdes? I hate to
> >drill if
> >it can be avoided......

Hey, even better! thanx, I'll call the dudes I bought it from.....

>From lumstruk Sat Mar 15 18:32:46 1997 From: "Scott Hogue" Subject: Re: Flaps!

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