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97up-list Digest Mon, 20 Nov 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 189

In This Issue:
Re: any one order 2001 f-250
Splitfire Sparkplugs...


From: "Strukel, Mike" <Mike.Strukel>
Subject: Re: any one order 2001 f-250
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 07:40:10 -0600

I ordered mine on August 12 and received it on Sept 29.

2001 F250 crewcab, V10, 2.5" BDS lift, 35x12.50 BFG ATs, Centerline wheels,
Xtang Tonneau, Stull Grill, EGR Flares

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From: Dorris, Jason E [mailto:Jason.Dorris]
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2000 7:32 AM
To: '97up-list'
Subject: [97up-list] Re: any one order 2001 f-250

I don't know what my priority code is, but I am going to find out today.

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From: scline [mailto:scline]
Sent: Saturday, November 18, 2000 4:58 PM
To: 97up-list
Subject: [97up-list] Re: any one order 2001 f-250

> From: "Dorris, Jason E" <Jason.Dorris>
> Subject: any one order 2001 f-250
> Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 12:35:18 -0600
> has anyone ordered a 2001 f-250.  if so have you received it or got a
> scheduled date yet?  when did you order and what did you order?  the
> I ask is, I ordered one about 11 weeks ago and haven't got a scheduled
> yet.
> thanks for any responses
> jason

I ordered a F-250 and changed it to a F-350 on 7/3.  They didn't start the
till 7/31.  Mine was built 9/12 delivered 9/29.  What is your priority code
order?  If it is a 10, it means build it as soon as you can.  If it is a 20,
means build
it whenever it works out for you.  I only order from dealers who give me a
There have been some material holdups, also, auto trannies delayed it for a
while and
crew cab 4x4's were limited for a while also, I believe.  If you don't get
good answer
from your salesman, or get a 20 changed to a 10, there are dealers who will

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From: "dallanmiller" <dallanmiller>
Subject: Splitfire Sparkplugs...
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 23:24:39 -0600

Call me crazy, but I tried a set of those Splitfire sparkplugs in my 1989 F-150 with it's 4.9 liter inline six/ standard 5 speed overdrive tranny stock set up. I was amazed at the increase in power those plugs gave me. The truck always "pulled" well, even using cruddy gas- but with the Splitfire plugs, I did notice a lot more power! I seemed to do well with mileage too. Don't get me wrong, my six banger was no screamer by any means, but it did get up and go a lot quicker with those Splitfire plugs. They lasted longer than the warranty stated as well, and after three years of steady use, I retired those plugs and used a standard off the shelf Autolite/ Motorcraft plug set at tune up time, and I was back to having to "put my foot into it" to get the F-150 to get up and go as compared to the power I had experienced with those "fancy plugs" !
F.Y.I. only- I don't work for Splitfire, and am not paid to make this claim.

David A. Miller
Fort Worth, Texas


From: "Mark Browning" <mab076>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 15:10:19 -0500

Well I got the final answer from ford lst night and they will pay for 50% of
the repairs on the crack for any ford truck out of warranty... I told him i
would think about it... I know thought of it and decided to start up a law
suit against ford.. its there fault and they only want half of the
responsiblility, forget that.. im not paying for faulty engineering.. i
don't want to think there implying it half my fault because i bought a ford
truck!!! well i would love some feed back on this... guys let me know, what
i should do???

Take Care..
99 ford f150
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