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fordtrucks97up-digest Thursday, March 12 1998 Volume 01 : Number 023

Ford Truck Enthusiasts - 1997 And Newer Trucks Digest
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In this issue:

Ford -vs Chevy [Ken Payne ]
Bob or Sherry Anderson... [Ken Payne ]
Chevy Trucks Verses Ford Trucks ["Wayne Wu" ]



Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 22:08:06 -0500
From: Ken Payne
Subject: Ford -vs Chevy

Here's a question for everyone, someone sent it to my
web admin email address. I'm not very familiar with the
new Chevys so I can't answer this well:

> I have a question.Could you tell me the major differences of ford trucks and >Chevrolet trucks?I know its a wierd question but its been on my mind.

Please, honest answers, not "Chevy Sucks" (we already know that!).

Ken Payne
Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts


Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 22:37:49 -0500
From: Ken Payne
Subject: Bob or Sherry Anderson...

Forwarded, if Bob or Sherry Anderson is here:

>Have been enjoying the truck enthusiast web page for some time.I have a
>53 F100 that we just finished.We may post it at a later date.
> I saw the 1951 Ford and 57 dragster that Bob & Sherry Anderson
>submitted. Unfortunately ,I see they do not have a E-Mail address
>attached to their article.
>I also have a 50's dragster that I am trying to restore and would like
>to contact them about theirs. We are planning to haul it with our 53.
>If possible, please forward this on for their consideration or have them
>mail us at rpracing
>thank you for your consideration;
>Rick Proctor


Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 00:33:43 PST
From: "Wayne Wu"
Subject: Chevy Trucks Verses Ford Trucks

There's quite a contrast between Chevy and Ford Trucks. That's why Ford
outsold Chevy by almost 200, 000 vehicles in 1997!

Ford has a more user-friendly streamlined shape rather that Chevy's box
shape (which the head-lights and chrome grille just seems to have
crashed onto the front)!

Ford uses a 4.6L V8 for its base F150, whereas Chevy uses a more
powerful (obviously, but more gas guzzling) 5.7L V8.



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