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Re: fordtrucks97up Digest V98 #2 [Chad Royse ]
Green wheel-test ["Ron Joyce" ]
1999 SD Brochure ["Jeff Schapker" ]



Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 08:41:26 -0800
From: Chad Royse
Subject: Re: fordtrucks97up Digest V98 #2

My favorite local dealer (Beechmont Ford, Cincinnati, OH) got a '99 SD in. I
haven't ventured that way yet to check it out, but I will soon. Hopefully I'll
be there real soon because they approved my vehicle substitution. I currently
own a very problematic '97 250HD 460 E4OD 3.55LS SuperCab 4x4. It's sharp,
black and silver two-tone. I hope to own a VERY LESS problematic '97 250HD 460
E4OD 3.55LS SuperCab 4x4.

Getting way off the subject, does anyone know when you do a vehicle
substitution, do you have to stick to the same or similar truck? I thought I
heard that as long as the MSRP is =
SuperCab V-10 4x4, would be sweet.


Ken Payne wrote:

> (forwarded for )
> From: "Joseph L. Casey"
> As you can read below, Ken Payne observed that this "discussion/talk/exhange
> of information in a polite-articulate-way-group" has just begun.
> I'll jump in with some trivia about the 1999 Fords. I drove one last week;
> it was a crew cab, short bed, V-10, F-250 with captians chairs and power
> towing mirrors. The power towing mirrors adjust at the mirror-head like any
> power mirrors. There is one large mirror above that adjusts and a curved one
> below the adjustable that is fixed. The mirror extends out from the door
> several inches less than the "swing-out recreational" mirrors formerly used
> for towing. If I recall, the previous mirrors extended 19-21" max; these
> extend, I think, more like 15-17" max. They extend beyond the non-towing
> mirrors by about an estimated 5-6 inches.
> The "pipe-like" holder/extensions DO NOT TELESCOPE as I hoped. They do,
> however, foldback against the door window, should one want to keep them from
> harm's way or whatever. The engine ran fine, the ride might be better than
> previous year's but I did not have time to develop any firm (no pun
> intended) opinion about the ride. The inside (captian's chairs) does seem
> wider from door to door and that's about all I recall.
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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 16:57:06 -0800
From: "Ron Joyce"
Subject: Green wheel-test

2nd attempt-Hi,
Has anyone had there right rear wheel turning green on them on the 97 F150,
If so there is a T.S.B. out on it for a new exhaust 98 style tsb # is


Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 00:48:48 -0600
From: "Jeff Schapker"
Subject: 1999 SD Brochure

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Check out some of the information on this site.

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  Check out some of the =
information on this=20

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