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97up-list-digest Saturday, December 4 1999 Volume 02 : Number 325

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FTE 97up - K&N FIPK Induction Noise



Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 08:50:24 -0600
From: "Bill Bowen"
Subject: FTE 97up - K&N FIPK Induction Noise

> Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 19:18:18 -0500
> From: "Mitchell"
> Subject: FTE 97up - K&N FIPK Induction Noise

> I have had a K&N FIPK in my 98 F150 4.6L since last year. The engine just
> started making a loud resonating sound from the area of the induction tube
> on the FIPK. It occurs generally when I let off the gas to coast,
> especially when coasting after cruising for a couple of minutes. The
> will go away if I blip the throttle and will generally not reoccur until I
> cruise along again for a couple of minutes. Could it be the mass flow air
> sensor? I have tried disconnecting the battery to clear the computer and
> checked the connections for the FIPK. Has anyone else experienced this
> phenomenon?

I have experienced the same problem with my '98 F150XLT SC FS 4.6 AT, though
it doesn't happen very often. Sounds similar to a belt slipping? I noticed
the problem shortly after the K&N installation about a year ago. I wonder if
I was too generous with the first "charging" of the filter? About five
months ago, a Ford mechanic friend warned me to be careful because excess
oil could damage the mass air sensor. Since then, I've been applying the oil
sparingly. Maybe a good excuse to the wife for replacing the sensor with a

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