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97up-list-digest Wednesday, September 22 1999 Volume 02 : Number 256

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Re: FTE 97up - question about the new gmc and silverado compared with ford
Re: FTE 97up - Re: Door cracks



Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 00:10:41 -0400
From: Jean Marc Chartier
Subject: Re: FTE 97up - question about the new gmc and silverado compared with ford

TRITON46L wrote:
> has anyone here test drove the 99 gmc or silverado trucks, light duty or
> whichever. i keep hearing that these trucks are far superior to ford in
> every way.
> i just wanna know what the truth here is, i know it's a lot of opinion
> too.
> the cab of the chevys and gmc does "look" bigger. but I'm 6'6" i don't
> think an inch or two or three in the ext Cab would matter much with my
> height.
> But I guess small children or average height people would have more room
> back there.
> But aside from the cab b.s. what about these new engines? they make
> their torque at such a high rpm. i am not the best mechanic in the world,
> but i would think that in a truck u would want your peak torque at a low rpm,
> like 1500-3000. or somewhere in that range.
> i';ve also heard that torque at a high rpm is better because u can take
> advantage of gearing. i don't know what the hell to believe. if anyone has
> any answers to clarify this, please help!!!
> all i know is that i have a 99 f-150 supercab 4.6L triton v-8 4 spd
> auto. 3.55 reg axle. 4x2. without a towing package.
> On Monday i towed a 7,000 LB trailer out to lake eufaula in eastern
> Oklahoma.
> true Oklahoma is flat. much flatter than my home state of Pennsylvania. but
> out I-40 east bound in okla it does get kind hilly.
> i towed this trailer with my bumper, rated at 5,000lbs. i towed it no
> problem at all. eng temp remained normal, my tach read between 2800-3200
> rpms. i averaged between 75-85 mph. it didn't get the best gas mileage, but
> i didn't expect that it would.
> oh by the way, my overdrive was obviously off.
> i talked to a guy last night who told me he tows his bass boat with his
> 98 gmc 2500 vortech 454 at 4000 rpm with overdrive on. he said his redline
> was 6000 rpm and he got about 16 miles per gallon. i told him i thought he
> was full of horse poo (pardon my foul language :)).
> then again i may be wrong.
> so if anyone on this list who tows a lot can educate me on this stuff, i
> would appreciate your time.
> sorry for writing a book.
> Thanks Bill
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The best thing is to go out and look at one yourself to
see. Now, you are comparing a 454 cu in to a 283. You have
about 62% of their engine. You have a 150 and his is
equivalent to a 250. Who is the winner? BTW you were 100
lbs over the trailer limit for your truck's configuration.
If you want to compare apples to apples go try an F-250 SD
with a V10. No insult intended to the F-150 ( I have a 4x4
on order) but it is really unfair to compare an F150 to a
GMC 2500.


Jean Marc Chartier
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Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 00:14:31 -0400
From: Jean Marc Chartier
Subject: Re: FTE 97up - Re: Door cracks

"Ron,Marge,Ted" wrote:
> HI,
> Did I miss something about the torsion bars?? Don't remember seeing any
> posts about torsion bars.
> Ron

A while back on another list a few people complained about
Torsion bars snapping. 4x4s were the only trucks affected.


Jean Marc Chartier
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