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FTE 97up - Dealer Service
Re: FTE 97up - RE: 97up-Oil Drain Valve
Re: FTE 97up - lub fitings
FTE 97up - SuperDuty Noisy Tranny



Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 06:07:06 PDT
From: Scott Matus
Subject: FTE 97up - Dealer Service

Is the Pretzel factory still in Lititz? I spent a week going through
central PA and loved it. I remember the fresh pretzels. The best anywhere
anytime. Do you know if the factory will mail order pretzels? I'd love to
have them again.

If you can help thanks in advance.

It is rare to hear of one-day service. I remember that Ford dealer when I
drive through Lititz. And you received the best service from a small town
dealer. I dont think that you would get the same service from a big town
dealer, unless you were the owner's daughter.

Thank you,

Scott Matus.

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Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 09:20:02 -0500
From: "Charles Abraham"
Subject: Re: FTE 97up - RE: 97up-Oil Drain Valve


I understand Fumoto make to types of oil drain valves, one of which
accepts a small diameter hose to facilitate oil changing. Which one did
you get? And do you still have the part number?


'99.5 F-250 PSD Auto 4x4 "Off-Road" Lariat

BIRRENG aol.com wrote:

> Hope this works. Long time reader, first time poster.
> I just installed Fumoto's oil drain valve on my "99 PSD. It will make future
> oil changes easy next time. The valve has a locking notch to prevent
> accidental opening. I was lucky that Fumoto's office is close to where I
> live, I paid $15.98 plus WA. Tax for mine. Put they will ship any where for
> $2.00. Fumoto Engineering of America
> 12328 Northrup Way
> Bellevue, WA. 98005
> Ph. (425) 869-7771
> Fax.(425) 869-2558
> Love reading your postings
> Gary Birrenkott
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Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 11:34:43 -0400
From: Jean Marc Chartier
Subject: Re: FTE 97up - lub fitings

MIKE & SANDY wrote:
> Need help! Had just finished the first oil/filter change on my 98 F-150 crew
> cab and noticed that there were only two grease fittings. Was not able to
> see any on the upper or lower ball joints, driver line ( universal joints )
> or on any of the steering linkage. There appear to be non-removable caps
> small nuts ) mounted in some of the steering linkage, but I was not able to
> get them out. ( was trying to unscrew them so I could put a standard zerk
> in ) If anyone knows what is going on please fill me in.

Mike & sandy,

Your truck truck has lubed for life fittings. You don't
have to lube them until they wear out. Then you simply
replace them. :-( One of Fords better ideas??
My 97 F150 pitman arm wore out at 62,000km (38,750 miles)
It was not replaced under warranty. As a matter of fact I
returned the truck (30 month lease) with the OEM pitman arm.


Jean Marc Chartier
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Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 22:27:44 -0400
From: "Jeff Bridges"
Subject: FTE 97up - SuperDuty Noisy Tranny

Greetings to all,

I've been reading this list for a couple of months and really enjoy the
info. This is my first post. Here goes...

I have a 99.5 F250 SD SC V10 4x4 5sp with about 2500 miles. From the 1st
week of ownership, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears have a "knock" only after the
truck has been driven and warmed up. I took it to the dealership
(fortunately it made the same noises there too) and the service manager
seemed to think that it was "rough gears". He was going to order another
transmission to replace mine.

The service manager had his transmission guy drive my truck the next day and
he couldn't hear the problem. The service manager pointed the noise out to
him. The transmission guy said that was normal operation on this
transmission and that's why he didn't notice it. So, the service manager's
official word is "normal operation."

Has anyone else had this noise in gears 1, 2, and 3 on the 5sp? It is
definitely noticeable once the truck is warmed up.

Other than that, (except for a hail storm) no problems. Great truck!


Jeff Bridges
99.5 F250 SD SC V10 4x4 5sp, Chrome Nerf steps, Rhino liner

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