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Re: FTE 97up - F150 Oil Leak
FTE 97up - Towing mirrors
Re: FTE 97up - brake light problem
FTE 97up - Re: Towing with PSD & Auto
Re: FTE 97up - F150 Oil Leak
Re: FTE 97up - 1999 Navigator Engine - 300HP 32Valve 5.4L?



Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 08:53:00 -0400
From: "Anne Mitchell"
Subject: Re: FTE 97up - F150 Oil Leak

>Brought my truck to the dealer yesterday. After having it for a day,
>they found 3 leaks

I had a 92 Explorer, which I loved after the warranty expired (never thought
I'd say that). Under warranty, the vehicle had the front (where your pulley
is) and rear main crank seals replaced and the valve cover gaskets(twice)
for leaks. Even after that there was a drop of oil per week coming out of
the rear seal for the life of the vehicle. It is now owned by a friend of
mine and it has 90K miles on it. I also had new ball joints installed
because at 20K miles they found the greased for life ball joints had no
grease in them at all. The dealership claimed they must have come from the
factory that way. Made steering a little difficult. Even so, it was a
great ride.

I like my 98 SC F150 4x4 a lot. It is 6 months old and has 10K miles on it.
So far the only problems have been a new serpentine belt (the original
started to chirp badly at morning startup), new throttle linkage (they never
told me why, they just replaced it), and a new rear seat latch. Good luck
with the oil leaks. You never know, they get it right the second time.


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Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 06:25:13 -0700
From: "Jeigh Cee"
Subject: FTE 97up - Towing mirrors

Same problem here on my 99PSD! If I slide the seat back so far that I barely reach the pedals, I can use the wide angle mirror.

I hadn't thought about taking it back to the dealer, and instead just installed a circular wide-angle mirror. I was more used to looking at that type anyway, because I had them installed on my 95 Explorer custom van.

IMHO, Ford missed a good opportunity to design a good horizontal towing mirror instead.

- ---
Happy Trails, Roy!

>Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 17:38:29 -0700
>From: "Harald Stenger"
>Subject: FTE 97up - Super Duty trailer mirrors
>I just got back from the Ford dealer where they installed a new drivers side
>powered trailer tow mirror under warranty. It's defective in the same
>manner as the old one. The wide angle section that's not adjustable is
>aimed too far down and too far inward. I've got a great view of the rear
>tire! Ironically, 2 weeks ago when I was at the dealer a guy was picking up
>his new Super Duty and I mentioned that the only problem I had with the new
>truck was the mirror. He got into his new truck and found his mirror bad
>also. Anyone else notice this on their new rigs? Have you got it fixed?
>It really a safety issue to not be able to see behind you and I want to get
>it fixed asap. The dealer is going to call Ford on monday.

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Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 08:45:00 -0500
From: "DCG Mail"
Subject: Re: FTE 97up - brake light problem

There is a little rubber plug that should be lying around your floor
somewhere. It plugs right back in.

It falls out way too often when you release the brake. My dealer said they
have that problem constantly when working on the trucks.

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From: Matt Adams
To: 97up-list ford-trucks.com
Date: Saturday, September 26, 1998 9:11 PM
Subject: FTE 97up - brake light problem

>I was driving along today, and I went to the car wash, applied my brake,
>the light, didn't come on... weird I thought, but I just passed it off...
>then I released the brake after cleaning my truck, and then the light came
>on! Ever since the light has been on... I have plenty of brake fluid, and
>the ABS connector to the rear differential is fully plugged in. I have no
>loss of braking power, it stops the exact same way it always did
>(excellently) :), the parking brake works great as always, and releases
>fine when released. Any ideas? I am probably gonna have the dealer look
>it when I go to take it in for the lug-nuts and rear leaf springs.
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Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 10:16:38 EDT
From: JDavis1277 aol.com
Subject: FTE 97up - Re: Towing with PSD & Auto


If you have kids old enough to drive, you should know that regardless of any
fact, your wife is ALWAYS RIGHT. Now, do what the rest of us do and OBEY!!

Meanwhile, when your wife is not riding with you, tow in overdrive. I have a
90 diesel with add-on turbo and E4OD which is used almost exclusively to tow a
fifth wheel. I use overdrive except when driving in hilly terrain which
causes hunting (shifting from 3rd to 4th to 3rd frequently). If hunting
occurs, I turn off the overdrive.

In over 50K miles of towing, I have had no problems.

Good luck, Butch Davis-
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Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 12:09:32 -0400
From: Chad Royse
Subject: Re: FTE 97up - F150 Oil Leak

I had a 97 F250HD with a 460 in it, before the 99 I own now. It developed a
good leak in the rear main seal that dripped on the y-pipe. The first
dealer I took it to scratched the crank (unknown to me) removing the old
one. They also over filled the tranny by six quarts. That turned into a
mess. I took back to the same dealer two more times, and still began
leaking after a few days. Finally I took it to another dealership, who
caught the problem. Unfortunately, the only fix was to replace the entire
crank. That led to all kinds of additional noises rattles, etc... Not to
mention they never could get the tranny to stop leaking since it was

So I fought with FoMoCo for several months and threatened to lemon the truck
out. Now I drive a beautiful 99, with a very dry V-10.

So what's my point? I don't believe that my 97 was a POS. I believe
incompetent mechanics made it that way. So remember that $#%* happens, but
make sure it gets corrected and not made worse. I also now refuse to take
my truck off the lot until it's fixed to my satisfaction.

Oh and one more piece of advise. If you live in Cincinnati, never EVER let
John Nolan Ford service your vehicle.

(I would say my $.02, but after looking back up it looks more like $1.50)

Duncan Fitzgerald wrote:

> Brought my truck to the dealer yesterday. After having it for a day,
> they found 3 leaks. It will be late Monday or Tuesday before it is done,
> taking 2-3 days total to fix. The exact location and cause of the leaks
> I do not know. The service rep said he would have all the info when the
> repairs were finished, but did mention "having to remove a lot of stuff"
> to get to everything. Also mentioned one of the leaks, I think, was near
> the crankshaft pulley (?). I asked him how this happens on a new truck
> and all he could say was that it was possibly either loosed, pinched or
> missing gaskets. Anyway, I have not even had the truck 1 full month yet.
> I have not even received my plates yet, nor have I even made a payment.
> The truck has only 979 miles on it. I drive it to an from work only,
> about 60 miles roundtrip. Is this what is meant by "Built Ford Tough"?
> Sounds more like shoddy workmanship at the plant.

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Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 17:50:38 -0400
From: Mark Lee
Subject: Re: FTE 97up - 1999 Navigator Engine - 300HP 32Valve 5.4L?

You might consider a Vortech supercharger if you want extra horsepower
you can really feel...

chris coleman wrote:
> I was curious if it will be possible to take the 4V heads(when
> available) and add them to the older 5.4L. I have a 97 Expy and am
> looking to get some more power from the motor. I have played with the
> idea of boring the valves .030" over to gain some more power that way.
> I know adding headers and the power chips will get me up near 280hp,
> but, I figure, if I'm going that far, might as well do the job right.
> I figure the heads will end up costing about $1500 for the pair.
> Thanks Thermo.
> 97 Expy, Nerf bars, Pioneer FH-M95 Double DIN Radio.
> P.S. I'm working on making some sub enclosures, one for the passenger
> side, one for the drivers side. Let me know if you are interested.
> _________________________________________________________
> >
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