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Re: FTE 97up - Dual exhuast systems
FTE 97up - '99 F150 questions
FTE 97up - Re: 97up A/C performance
FTE 97up - Re: Looking to buy an F-350



Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 22:52:41 -0500
From: "Anthony Trantham"
Subject: Re: FTE 97up - Dual exhuast systems

I hope I am sending this the right way. I just joined a day ago and really
like what I have seen so far.

Keep it up!!

I will have to agree with David. I have the same system on my '92 F-250
351W minus a cat and love it. In fact I would never own another truck that
was a gas burned without this system.

Hope this helps,

>I have duals on my '97 F-150 4X4, it has a 4.6L. I have a converter after
>muffler (which is a flow master) into duals. I also put on some crome
>Its not terrible loud but when the rpms hit 2,500 and above you can really
>hear my Triton kicking. From behind ideling it sounds tough--its not too
>and its not too quiet. Definitly put a 2 chamber flowmaster on it if
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Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 22:52:37 -0500
From: "Sven Setterdahl"
Subject: FTE 97up - '99 F150 questions

Hello all,

My latest new vehicle "craving" is a '99 F150 XLT Ext. cab 4x4 w/ the 5.4L.
From what I've found, the 3.55 and 3.73 axles are both available w/ limited
slip. Can I get either one w/ the 5.4? Is there enough of a difference to
matter which axle to go with (mileage or performance)? With the extra power
in the new engine, I was thinking the 3.55 would be a nice compromise for a
couple extra miles per tank of gas. Questions is how many extra mile would
that be? I'd probably go with the 3.73 unless I could get an extra few
miles per gallon w/ the 3.55.

The only other thing I'm wondering about is the tonneau cover. Are they
anything special, or is it a plain black cover that look like all the rest?
Is $170 a decent price for a soft cover or would I be better off finding a
good aftermarket one? I've been away from the trucks for a while so I
haven't watched prices on accessories.



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Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 00:16:57 EDT
From: SSeeplane aol.com
Subject: FTE 97up - Re: 97up A/C performance

'98 F-150 4.6L SC
A/C chills cab down in 5 minutes at Max recirc......runs on lowest fan set=
all day in the Ms summer heat (recirc mode)... makes big puddles in the
parking lot (which is probably more a function of ambient relative humidit=
than a/c efficiency)

just my 2=A2

Steve S. (the other one)

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Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 02:37:38 -0400
From: Lee Haefele
Subject: FTE 97up - Re: Looking to buy an F-350

> I am looking to buy a 1999 F-350 Crew Cab, SRW, LWB with the 7.3 L Diesel
> and 4-Speed Automatic. Would anyone who owns a similar truck take a few
> moments to discuss their personal experience with this type of truck? I am
> interested in the good, as well as the bad. Would someone explain what the
> PTO and Idle Control options could be used for?

I have 99 F-350 DRW XLT Supercab 4X4 Cab-chassis 163" WB, V-10, auto. I
run a fleet of 6 F-350s others are 89-97, have had GM, Mitsubishi in
past, the Ford F-350 is best design, plus offers options not avail
elsewhere such as Supercab 4X4, 15,000 gvw 4X4. Mine has utility body &
aerial lift, it is permanently loaded to about 10,500, gets about 9
mpg. Very nice driving & quiet. V-10 engine is not as powerful as my
old 460, but not bad. 40-20-40 XLT seat is reasonably comfortable,
about 1000% better than prev Ford or GM. Truck chassis is very rugged
construction, but pickup model has lighter springs & frame rails, even
with same GVW, this I don't understand. Engine oil & trans coolers are
impressive. 4 wheel disc brakes work well with Hydro-Boost as supplied
with Diesel, poorly with heavy loads if supplied with vacuum boost. The
longer wheelbase units take about a football field to turn around. PTO
& idle control would be used to power a transmission mounted hydraulic
pump such as used to run a wrecker or dump body. Note: high idle is
req'd to run PTO from auto transmission.
I see some posts where owners want to carry slide in campers that put
the gross weight over 9,000 on SRW. I have had SRW 9,000+ lb
trucks...DUMB IDEA...they never drive well, plus, if you blow a tire it
will roll over & kill everybody, and, at this weight you DO have more
tire failures.
Lee Haefele
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