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Hi Ken,

Here is 155, I could go thru my mail and compile 156 if you want.



Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 03:50:23 -0600 (MDT)
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fordtrucks80up-digest Thursday, October 9 1997 Volume 01 : Number 155

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Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 15:12:13 -0700
From: alanh (The Hepburn)
Subject: Re: F350 general questions

> I've been watching the mailing list archives for a while, but decided
> I'd have to actually post to find answers to some of my VERY-NOVICE
> questions. Please gimmie a hand! I need to pull a 40' 5th, and my
> toyota just ain't gonna cut it. How much would you expect a trailer
> like this to weigh?

That's hard to say; definitely over 10,000 lb, and somewhere between there
and 20,000 lb depending on a lot of factors.

> I'm looking in the 1988 to 92 range, because I understand 88 is when the
> Powerstroke 7.3 was introduced, right?

Actually I think '88 is when the Navistar engine went from 6.9L up to
7.3L. The Powerstroke didn't happen until '94 or so. Between then there
was a "pseudo-Powerstroke" which was a non-turbo version, but it was only
offered until the Powerstroke came up.

> I'd prefer a crew cab, which means I'm looking at an F350 no matter what
> (in that year range), right?

Right; I don't think Ford made the Crew Cab available in the F250 line.

> My questions are: when people are talking about axles, what does HD mean?
> Is this the abbv. for a solid axle, rather than an "independant suspension"
> type axle? Do all F350s have a solid axle? And for the 4x4 models, were
> manually locking hubs available / standard?

I think all F350's came with full floating rear axles; the front was either
a live axle for 4WD or twin I beam for 2WD. I'm not sure what is meant by
HD, but it's probably Heavy Duty.

> Also, I'd prefer not to get the "doolie" type setup. But this increases
> my towing weight capacity, right? By how much?

Actually, the duallie option will lower the towing capacity, by the weight
of the extra wheels. And duallies weren't available with 4WD anyway.

> Another: I've owned diesels before, and love them! the 7.3 Power Stroke
> is a must. Do they all have turbo, or was that an option? And I've heard
> nightmare stories about cavitation. Is there a way to test for this?
> What are good things to look at when considering purchasing a ford with
> the navistar engine?

Well, there was a period of about 2 years when a non-turbo "Powerstroke"
was available, but once Navistar released the real thing, that's all
that was available. For the '99 models, they're adding an aftercooler.
Cavitation doesn't need to be a nightmare. If the owner did his job
right and kept the wetting agent in the coolant, then cavitation erosion
won't be a problem. To check for that, you can get test materials from
Navistar which are similar to litmus paper. So long as the concentration
of wetting agent is correct, then there shouldn't be a problem.

> And: if I tow a 5th, I assume I'll want the "towing package" additions?
> What are those? Just a larger radiator, or is it something more?

The towing package I think is just the wiring pigtails. The F350 already
has the big cooling system and stuff. Someone more knowledgeable will
be able to jump in here.

Alan Hepburn | |
National Semiconductor | DON'T TREAD ON ME |
Santa Clara, Ca | |
alanh | |


Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 18:43:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: PhilDyson
Subject: Re: Limited Slip Stuff...

In a message dated 97-10-08 11:29:46 Pianofxr (Andrew T
Vincitore) wrote:
>Wait a minute... I thought a limited slip rear would move power to the
>wheel with traction ESPECIALLY when one wheel was stuck. Would'nt that be
>the whole point? If it does'nt then I won't be investing in a changeover.
>Can anyone clarify this? Is the Detroit locker type the only kind that will
>do this? What are the disadvantages of something like that? I guess there
>is alot of misconceptions out there ( or maybe just here)!



>92 F-250 2WD Piano truck

There is a limit to the amount of power that a limited slip diff. can move
over to the wheel with the greatest traction. I can't remeber what it is but
it is different from the posi-track units. The detroit locker is niether, it
mechanically connects the wheels like a spool so that one wheel can't turn
without the other. It will only disconnect a wheel when going around a
corner, when the outside wheel takes the longer path and spins faster than
the inner wheel. The over-running wheel unlocks from the drive train and
makes a clicking noise untill the inner wheel catches up with it.
Here is the problem, when coming out of a turn the outer wheel is still
unlocked, when power is applied it only goes to the inner wheel and the
vehicle will pull to the outside untill the over-running wheel locks back in,
sometime violently. This undesireable "steering" effect is more pronounced
in a short wheel base truck. I had to take it out of my full size Bronco
because I felt it was too dangerous.
Lockers are also sensitive to tire diameter and to set them up properly you
forget about tire pressure. You air them up using a yard stick to measure
their diameter. Unequal tire diameters will fool the diff into believing it
is in a turn and will be partially unlocked all the time. This will be more
troublesome in a vehicle with a stick shift. It might steer to the ditch
everytime you up or down shift.
Lockers are best off road and if you want to ride around town, stick to a
long wheel base truckEnd of fordtrucks80up-digest V1
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