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In this issue:

Re: F-250 Powerstroke [Russ Hampsten ]
Overloaded, [Ken Miller ]
FS: 96 F250 P-Stroke [db]
Re: Help regarding gear ratios? [Ducks4jim]
Re: fordtrucks80up-digest V1 #94 [Bill Funk ]



Date: Fri, 05 Sep 97 15:47:00 PDT
From: Russ Hampsten
Subject: Re: F-250 Powerstroke

Text item:

I was the one who started the "rumor" about the solid front axle (or
Monobeam as Ford called it). I was at a dealer about 3 weeks ago, before I
bought my truck and he showed me a fax (on FoMoCo letter head) the changes
in store for the '99 model. It did not state if it were 4x4 or 2wd though,
I would assume both. There were also other items on the list that I don't
remember. It listed Job 1 at Jan 5, 1998.

It might or might not be true, but this is what I saw. I agree that it is
in the wrong direction for me, as I want IFS with my HD powerstroke (and I
got it!).


97 F250 4x4 SC Powerstroke (900 miles and climbing!)

>- -snip -
> About the F250 having solid front axles...I thought I heard it on *this*
> mail list. I've tried to get it verified, but have not gotten anything.
> If comfort/plushness is what they are shooting for in the F250 in the
> above
> description, a solid front axle doesn't make complete sense over the
> current
> setup.

> Be intesting to see the details, if this rumor is true.

- - -john

Text item:


Date: Fri, 05 Sep 1997 17:13:33
From: Ken Miller
Subject: Overloaded,

Howdy All,
I have been following this thread topic of being overweight, some of you
have brought up some very good and valid points, especially concerning the
safety issues. To add to that, I think it will only be a matter of time
until the authorities start cracking down on overloaded RV's. The system
is already out there to check for this;... It's called weigh stations, or
inspection stations, and the Trucker's have to stop at them. So it
wouldn't take much to include RV's. There are stiff fines and penalties
for the one's that are overweight, under poor maintenance, or don't have
the correct driver license for the size of vehicle they are driving.

With the size of RV's (both motorhomes and trailers) getting larger and
heavier each year, there have been some talks, in some states, to start
impossing laws towards this direction. So, it is something to think about.
It may not be a law now, but three years down the road there might be a
law, and you might get caught.

My two pennys worth.

Ken Miller & Personal: KRMiller Vegas.Infi.Net
Kim Foss Work: KMiller2 ci.Las-Vegas.NV.US
650 Whitney Ranch #3213 W (707)229-4709 H(702)458-6529
Henderson, NV 89014 Fax (702) 474-7463


Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 20:45:49 -0400 (EDT)
From: db
Subject: FS: 96 F250 P-Stroke

For Sale: 1996 Ford F-250 truck with 7.3 liter Power Stroke turbo diesel
(made by International). White with blue vinyl interior. Rubber mat floor.
The only factory options are air conditioning, tilt, and cruise. I have
installed a heavy duty frame hitch, but have never used it. Rear axle ratio
is 3.55. Has 5-speed manual transmission. With the exception of some minor
scratches INSIDE the bed, the truck is absolutely like new. This truck has
only 15,000 miles on it and has been driven like a car (hasn't really been
used as a truck). I got 23 MPG on a recent trip from N.Carolina to Minnesota,
and I typically get 19-20 MPG for daily driving. This truck does not meet my
needs anymore and so I am selling it. Price is $20500 FIRM. Please E-Mail me
at db if interested. Located in Winston-Salem, NC.


Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 22:10:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ducks4jim
Subject: Re: Help regarding gear ratios?

Hello Group:

Can any member(s) clarify the performance of the 3.55 vs. the 4.10 for
larger trucks?

My info. from informed sources is that the 4.10 is better for powerstrokes
(assuming some heavy-duty use and some unloaded use), while the 3.55 is
probably a better choice for a 460 or 350 gas motor.

This is probably a relevant question that may help us all.

>>>>>>>'97 F250 Supercab Powerstroke


Date: Fri, 05 Sep 1997 20:01:45 -0700
From: Bill Funk
Subject: Re: fordtrucks80up-digest V1 #94

> Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 10:28:04 -0700
> From: John Yee
> Subject: Re: F-250 Powerstroke
> ...
> More specifically, here's what I'm trying to plan for.
> I'm looking into a 1999 F250 4x4, xlt, 4 door extended cab (not crew
> cab),
> shortbed, auto (if available),4:10 gears, with a power stroke, and
> reasonbly
> loaded up. The near term goals of this vehicle is to carry a slide in
> camper such as a lance 3000 or 185 squire lite. And a longer term goal
> on
> planning to additionally tow up to a 5000 lb boat/trailer.


> So now we are at 1200 lbs over payload.
> I'm under the GCWR, and at the recommended (by
> 75%
> limit.
> Other saftey/stablity add ons will include, better shocks, airbags
> rear, and
> front (if necessary), and wider tires. (thanks Joe).
> If I replace the stock 19 gal tank with a 45 gallon tank, this adds
> another
> 300 lbs.
> At this point, I will stop. On the assumption I've under the GCWR, and
> under the
> axle ratings, I will be over the payload limit by 1200 - 1500+ lbs.
> And finally the questions... While it can be done:...
> (I'm interested in perspectives on heavy payload, vs. heavy towing
> characteristics).
> Is this rig safe at freeway speeds (no more than 70-75 on the flats)?
> 6% downhill grade concerns?
> Any additional suspension mods needed?
> Would you feel safe with this rig/setup?

> - -john

Safe?Well, who are you asking?
The manufacturer? No.
The peanut farmers who haul much more than that? Yes, so far.
The lawyer for the people you hit when something goes wrong? Hell, no,
and give us all your money, please.

Am I being a pessimist? Yes. Will you have a problem? Probably not.
(If you asked the pilot of your next flight, "Will we crash?", and he
said, "Probably not", would you stay on board?)
When the truck is there to carry what you want to carry, safely within
it's design parameters, why do you opt for something less? If the answer
is money, then do what the rest of us do (well, most of us...): reduce
your wants to meet your budget. Asking the readers of this list to tell
you that something that obviously exceeds set limits is safe isn't
really the thing to do.
Of course, this is my opinion.
But, if anything should go wrong (and all you have to do is read the
newspapers or watch the news to see how often that happens).......

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