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In this issue:

Re: '90 EFI Problem [YEAGS15962 ]
Re: Intro and first questions [Randy ]
Re:water on the floor under plastic-93 Ranger [rockinghorse (Ra]
Re:Ford & Cummins [rockinghorse (Randall Goolsby)]
Re: Tires [Dave Armbruster ]
"dots on dash" [steve deri ]
Re: F150 Keys and another brain twister [Midwest96 ]
metric system ["Casey Vandor" ]
1999 Super Duty Hubs [Dale Ellis ]
Re: metric system [Paul Laughlin ]
Re: 1999 Super Duty Hubs [Sheldon Belinkoff ]



Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 22:08:41 EST
From: YEAGS15962
Subject: Re: '90 EFI Problem

In my honest opinion i would give up and take it to a dealer. It'll save you
the trouble of messing around with the truck. I have a 93 ranger 4.0 liter
that wouldn't start last week. I tried everything that was recommended in the
repair manuel and it still wouldn't start. Finally i gave up and brought it
to the dealer. They fixed it in about and hour. Just a fuel punp relay.
Anyway either take it to a dealer or mechanic and see what they say. You can
still fix it yourself with a little help.


Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 23:30:03 -0800
From: Randy
Subject: Re: Intro and first questions

Jefferson_Wirtz wrote:
> Howdy,
> -I would like to add a gage pod on the drivers side A-piller. Does anyone know
> of a source so that the angles match up to the piller in the trucks?
> Thanks,
> Jeff

Jeff, John has led you in the right direction. Summit racing lists
A-pillar single or dual 2" gauge pods for the 87-96 F-series at 18.95
and 25.95 respectively. They come in black and have thew double-sided
tape, although, I don't thinks I'd rely on tape to hold up two gauges on
a door that's opening and closing all the time. Maybe pop off the
A-pillar and drill the holes for the hoses and put a couple small nuts
and bolts to make it more solid.



Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 19:30:20 -0800
From: rockinghorse (Randall Goolsby)
Subject: Re:water on the floor under plastic-93 Ranger

John,you did'nt mention whether or not your Ranger is equipped with
A/C.If it has,it could be a plugged condsnsate drain and the pan
overflowing. If not,you may be pulling up the capet and pad to find it.I
wouldn't think the water could get in from underneath;especially if you
are running the heater/fan and pressurizing the cab slightly.Sacramento
area,huh?My wife and I grew up in Roseville! Randy
Kelso,WA 85 F-250 4X4
94 Bronco EB


Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 19:34:29 -0800
From: rockinghorse (Randall Goolsby)
Subject: Re:Ford & Cummins

I heard that same rumor like over a year ago.Well before the
Ford/Freightliner thing.Can anybody prove/disprove the rumor?


Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 20:42:36 -0700
From: Dave Armbruster
Subject: Re: Tires

>Would like to hear the pros and cons of "P" tires, as in P235/70R16SL and
>"LT" tires, as in LT235/70R16SL tires. I've tries several tire web sites
>and they don't explain the terms at all. My driving is 99% paved
>road/highway so I'm looking for good ride and handling qualities.
>Thanx. John

I think that the "P" means Passenger car tires, as opposed to "LT", Light
Truck. I only know that trucks with "P" tires have lowered payload ratings
than the "LT" equiped trucks. I remember seeing something on the Goodyear
Web site that mentioned that difference, I think it was under the Wrangler
section. It gave some reduction factor when going from "P" to "LT", but I
don't recall the specifics right now.

Hope this helps,


Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 22:56:02 -0800
From: steve deri
Subject: "dots on dash"

This is in response to Derek Whitesides question re: the dots on the dash.
I own a 95 F150. I have noticed those dots as well. I still haven't figured
out what they are but the search goes on!!! As for the motor in your truck
( 300 ci straight six), it is a 4.9l not a 3.0 litre. Just thought I would
let you know. Tell me how you like the truck. I have a 5 speed too. Let me
know how you like the tranny,it is the one Mazda made for the F1's.


Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 19:27:20 EST
From: Midwest96
Subject: Re: F150 Keys and another brain twister

In a message dated 97-12-16 02:24:51 EST, you write:

On the speedometer, there are three "sets" of dots: One near 0 mph,
one around 30, and one around 60. Anyone know what these are for?


Derek Whiteside
95 F150 XLT Supercab
Corvallis, OR >>

Yes, the one around zero is "true zero." If you want to calibrate your speedo
accurately, that is where the needle should sit when the truck's access power
is on or the truck is on. The second dot indicates the lowest setting your
cruise control is set to work at, when the speedo is calibrated (mine is 28
mph). If you look more carefully, there should be two dots near sixty, one at
57.5, and one at 62.5. By some obscure law (which may no longer exist)
manufacturers were required to certify that a vehicles speedo was accurate to
+/-2mph. Those are the limiters for those who wish to drive the exact speed
limit. The 57 setting allows the driver to know that he is doing less than
five miles per hour over, while the 62 setting guarantees the driver is doing
no more than 9.5 mph over (these being the absolute limits in case the speedo
was -2mph), thereby keeping him/her under the unwritten "less than 10 over"
rule that cops abide by. This was a good idea, but useless once insurance
companies lumped all tickets less than 15 mph over the same, but that is what
it was for.

Craig {Midwest96}


Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 20:19:55 -0900
From: "Casey Vandor"
Subject: metric system

No offense at all. It is a pain in the && when you have to crawl back out
from under the truck and go all the way back to the garage for a different
tool, but if we did convert to metric, that wouldn't happen. The first
time I found out how easy it was was in Physics class. Most all the text
books use metric, and the numbers just seemed a little bit easier to work
with, (except for the fact that when you get an answer that sounds really
huge but isn't after all). We are also the last country to not use the
metric system I believe, don't quote me on that, but I have heard it from


Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 22:57:07 -0700
From: Dale Ellis
Subject: 1999 Super Duty Hubs

Anyone know if the 1999 Super Duty F250 and F350 4x4 will have the same or
different front hubs from this year's? I would much prefer manual hubs,
either OE or after-market, over the auto type.

Dale Ellis


Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 22:11:15 -0800
From: Paul Laughlin
Subject: Re: metric system

Casey Vandor wrote:
The first time I found out how easy it was was in Physics class. Most
all the text

> books use metric, and the numbers just seemed a little bit easier to
> work
> with, (except for the fact that when you get an answer that sounds
> really
> huge but isn't after all).

Anyone who has done much math knows that it is much easier to manipulate
the powers of ten that to mess with the ridiculous system of feet and
inches.Paul in Portland OR


Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 23:22:44 -0800
From: Sheldon Belinkoff
Subject: Re: 1999 Super Duty Hubs

Dale, I have heard from a friend at a Ford dealership that the hubs
will not be manual, but rather the type found on the new Ranger. She's
been right about 75% of the time.

I'm glad to see that you're still thinking about the Ford. Thus far I'm
still loving the Diesel.

A friend was in from Cincinnati last week, and she drove my truck while
I watched from outside. I noticed how easy it is for me to lose the
grip of a front tire which I attribute to the heavy-duty anti-sway bars
on that puppy.


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