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In this issue:

Re: The 1999 Big-uns [Thom Cheney ]
Re: 4WD Lubrication ["Dave Resch"]
The mighty 300 Six. ["Karen and Melissa Lublin" ]
Fuel pump changing tricks? ["Karen and Melissa Lublin" ]
Re: Explorer Rotors [cdkelly (Christopher D Kelly)]
4 Doors [SNOOP22222]
RE: steering column problem ranger 4x4 [Nathan Heid ]
RE: The 1999 Big-uns [Mitch Biarsky ]
Re: SuperPac? [Dave Armbruster ]
[none] []
Re: Big-uns [abbott ]
Re: Big-uns [abbott ]
Re: Big-uns [abbott ]
High Altitude Package ["Randy Kindler" ]



Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 14:26:41 -0500
From: Thom Cheney
Subject: Re: The 1999 Big-uns

Looking at a "spy" photo of a 1999 F- series crew cab truck (Car &
Driver December issue). They say that Ford rigged these in a hurry
for Robt. Redford's new movie. Even hidden behind the grill guard, it
looks tough... reminiscent of the Dodge, but not an outright copy. I
gotta ask about the mirrors on this truck though. They look kinda
dorky....point the mirrors facing the ground & I believe you could fly
at hwy speeds.... or I guess you could tilt them a little and get an
additional 10 mph out of the truck because of good ground effects.
- --
Thom Cheney
Early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese


Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 17:17:03 -0700
From: "Dave Resch"
Subject: Re: 4WD Lubrication

>From: David Hertzberg
>Subject: Re: 4WD Lubrication
>Dave: So theoretically it is safe to keep the front hubs locked in 4wd
mode for short
>periods of time?? David
Yo David:
First of all, as long as both the transfer case and hubs are not
locked/engaged at the same time, you are not in four wheel drive.

The following are the guidelines I have read (in my Owner's Manual and four
wheel drive books) and that I subscribe to:

Locked hubs, disengaged transfer case = OK

It is ok to lock the hubs but not engage the transfer case when you
anticipate needing 4wd intermittently (such as on roads that have icy/snowy
patches but are mostly clear). Locking the hubs causes the front tires to
turn the front axle shafts, which turn the front differential, which turns
the front drive shaft, which ultimately turns the output shaft on the
transfer case. If the transfer case is not engaged in a 4wd mode, the
output gears are turned inside the transfer case from the locked hubs, but
the motion goes no further.

Transfer case engaged in 4wd, hubs not locked = Not OK

Conversely, it is not good to engage the transfer case in a 4wd mode (high
or low range) without locking the hubs. In this case, power is transmitted
out through the transfer case output shaft, through the front drive shaft,
and through the front differential to the front axle shafts with no load.
Driving the differential gears from the drive shaft with no load on them
puts severe wear on the differential gears, since the differential gears'
purpose is to transfer power from a higher load on one side to a lower load
on the other side, and when the hubs are unlocked, there is no load on
either side. This is true for conventional differential gears, but maybe
not for limited slip apps and locking diffs.

Worst of all is using 4-Low range with the front hubs unlocked. The
transfer case's low range multiplies the engine torque delivered to the
drivetrain. The rear drivetrain components are not designed to accept that
level of torque by themselves. (If the front hubs were locked, the torque
would be divided between both front and rear drivetrains.)

Personally, I have traveled many miles in the winter in Colorado on both
paved and unpaved roads with my front hubs locked, because I knew that at
any time I might need to shift into 4wd to get through a nasty spot (and
the spot might be so nasty that I didn't want to be out in it to lock up
the hubs). With just routine maintenance (i.e., repacking bearings,
servicing hubs, lubing axle slip yokes, keeping up lube in transfer case) I
have never had a drivetrain failure in the 4wd system on my truck in over
120K miles (at least 10K miles with the hubs locked).

That's my 0.02.

Dave R. (M-block devotee)
1980 F250 4x4 351M


Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 19:36:37 -0400
From: "Karen and Melissa Lublin"
Subject: The mighty 300 Six.

Being an avid fan of the 300 six, I have quite a few questions about them:

Why does the 300 sound like a diesel running?

How come it is such a reliable engine that lasts for so long?

What V8 engines does it have more torque than?

Is it really true that the 300 six has more low end torque than the 460?

Why Did Ford stop making them.

How can I get extra economy and power out of mine?

Thanks alot:

Chris "Lube" Lublin
1981 F-150-
1982 E-100 - All equipped with the 300 Six.
1985 F-150-


Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 19:29:32 -0400
From: "Karen and Melissa Lublin"
Subject: Fuel pump changing tricks?

Hi all:

Right now I am trying to replace the fuel pump in a 1986 F-250. It has a
'79 351 W in it. It is 2 wheel drive. I do not have enough room
down there to get to it. Is there any tricks to changing it or I do have
to lift the engine up any?

Chris "Lube" Lublin
Lover of the 300 Six, lotsa torque, low fuel consumption. Joke: what
was Fords biggest mistake?

Answer: Discontinuing the 300 Six.


Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 16:01:23 -0500
From: cdkelly (Christopher D Kelly)
Subject: Re: Explorer Rotors

Happen to my 94 Ranger..pitted warranty when I found out put
when I had them replaced the shop that did it said he had it happen to
him about 8 years ago with a Mazda..cause apparantely is defects in the
metal and he was told there was nothing that Mazda could do for
him...hopefully FORD will replace yours!

On Wed, 5 Nov 1997 07:11:54 -0500 "Leo O'Neill"
>I've got a 1995 Explorer and while I was rotating my tires, I noticed
>that the rear brake pads were disintegrating and were only
>"polishing" about 3/8" of the rotors.
>On closer inspection, I found that the rotors were pitted and had
>several voids in the metal. That is what was grinding down the brake
>Fortunately, the vehicle was under warranty. Is this a fluke or did
>Ford ship some rotors with bad metal? No sigh of this on the front,
>yet! Anyone have a similar experience?
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Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 20:45:25 -0500 (EST)
From: SNOOP22222
Subject: 4 Doors

Can't you guys wait till the vehicle comes out to know if it has four
doors...its not like you can order it ahead of time..anyway if people find a
could place to get ranger stuff either web or catalog please post it or send
it to me


Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 21:03:56 -0500
From: Nathan Heid
Subject: RE: steering column problem ranger 4x4

At 11:36 AM 11/5/97 -0800, Brian Pynn wrote:
>As I write this, my 97 Ranger S/C 4x2 is in the dealer getting some
>warranty work done...and I've asked the service techs to examine my
>power steering pump. It emits a distinct whine under load--doesn't seem
>to affect performance--but is annoying none the less. The customer
>service guy I talked to said he has seen this type of thing before with
>Rangers, but wouldn't go as far as admitting that Ford uses a lousy
>power steering setup. Wouldn't promise me anything beyond an inspection
>either. I might just have to get used to the sound and hope the truck
>continues steering well as the miles tick by!

About 5 years ago, I added power steering to my '87 Ranger. I used parts
from a junk yard so I have no idea how much use the pump had seen before I
bought it. It has made the whine you describe since I installed it.
60,000 miles later, it sounds about the same and works well. I've heard a
lot of Ford trucks that whine while cranking the wheel. Just part of a
Ford truck's character I guess. The weird part is that if I add fluid to
the recommended range, the cap blows off every time! I run it with just
enough fluid to touch the bottom of the dipstick.


Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 21:36:37 -0500
From: Mitch Biarsky
Subject: RE: The 1999 Big-uns

> Anyone else have any sites which have photos of the new trucks?
> James Beaman
> james.beaman
> Houston, Texas

Jim, Check out the following site... Mitch


Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 20:39:55 -0600
From: Dave Armbruster
Subject: Re: SuperPac?

>Don Vanco wrote:
>> 80 amp draw electrical supercharger.
>> Wonder device of today!
>You've gotta be kidding! You're going to need a MUCH bigger
>alternator--or maybe another separate one just to run this thing!
>So my question is: if you're going to add another alternator (which you
>run with belts) to run this thing, why not just bolt on a belt-driven
>supercharger instead? The only possible advantage to this is that you
>could control boost electrically. There's no free lunch though: you're
>going to use engine power to run a supercharger, whether it's from a
>belt drive directly, or via the alternator.
>I guess if they can make an electrically-heated catalytic converter, you
>can do this!

I guess an advantage to using a SuperPac over a belt driven is the fact
that the supercharger doesn't have to have the engine turning at a higher
than idle speed to be building higher pressure. A standard supercharger
would seem to build more pressure after you've begun revving the engine,
where a SuperPac could be at working pressure all the time, no matter the
engine speed. I don't know that this is even a factor. Seems that unless
you require a lot of boost, the minimal time difference to build street
practical boost (maybe 8 to 15 psi?) would be hardly a factor.

Would also be nice to turn it off to lower power for rain or snow in a 2WD.

My $.02
Dave A.


Subject: [none]


Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 21:11:47 -0800
From: abbott
Subject: Re: Big-uns

Thanks very much for all the info Robert, I just want to clear up afew things.
First what models are offered with a short box (any 1 tons or Dueleys)? Are
the 4 door s/cabs like the Do*ge quad cabs (suiside doors)? Are any of the
450/550 offered with a box? And are all the transmissions new (M5HD)? What
can be said about them (trans.).
Thank You
- -Tyler-


Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 21:11:44 -0800
From: abbott
Subject: Re: Big-uns

Thanks very much for all the info Robert, I just want to clear up afew things.
First what models are offered with a short box (any 1 tons or Dueleys)? Are
the 4 door s/cabs like the Do*ge quad cabs (suiside doors)? Are any of the
450/550 offered with a box? And are all the transmissions new (M5HD)? What
can be said about them (trans.).
Thank You
- -Tyler-


Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 21:11:46 -0800
From: abbott
Subject: Re: Big-uns

Thanks very much for all the info Robert, I just want to clear up afew things.
First what models are offered with a short box (any 1 tons or Dueleys)? Are
the 4 door s/cabs like the Do*ge quad cabs (suiside doors)? Are any of the
450/550 offered with a box? And are all the transmissions new (M5HD)? What
can be said about them (trans.).
Thank You
- -Tyler-


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