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In This Issue:
Re: Speedometer Calibration


From: "Obert, Scott AT3" <ObertS>
Subject: Re: Speedometer Calibration
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 22:34:14 -0800

Rex, I also have a 1995 F150.  The connector you are looking for is right
below the glove box.  It's a blue wire with a yellow stripe and a black
connector on the end with PSOM on it in white letters.


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> To: 80-96-list
> Subject: [80-96-list] Speedometer Calibration
> I need to calibrate the speedometer in my 95 F150 for a different size
> tire
> so I searched back through the archive and found the procedure and have a
> couple of questions.
> First, I can't seem to find the enable wire.  The directions I found says
> "Locate the dealer mode programming enable single-terminal connector.  The
> connector is located at the bottom of the instrument panel below the
> center
> of the glove box. On all vehicles, the dealer mode enable wire is Circuit
> 567(LB/Y)."
> Does this mean behind the instrument panel at the same height as the
> center
> of the glove box or is it actually behind the glove box?  I looked both
> places but haven't found it.
> Second, I can't find Revolutions per mile information for my tires on the
> web so I looked at the same size tire by different manufactures and found
> that they list the same diameter but all list different revolutions per
> mile.  If I calculate it I come up with different results from what they
> list.  I think they are taking into account that the tires apparently
> change
> diameter at speed??  I guess I'll just take an average of what I can find
> and use that.
> Here is the entire procedure, anyone done this and is there anything to
> look
> for?
> Rex
> --------------------------------
> Number of tire revolutions per mile times 108, divided by 8000. Working
> out
> all the constants
> This calculation can be double-checked a couple of ways. First, measure
> the
> existing tire height and apply the formula -- the result should be the
> constant already in the speedo module. Also, the new conversion constant
> should equal the old conversion constant times the ratio of the old/new
> tire
> sizes:
> New constant = Old constant x (effective radius of the old
> tire)/(effective
> radius of the new tire).
> Note: The module can only be reprogrammed six times.
> a. Locate the dealer mode programming enable single-terminal connector.
> The connector is located at the bottom of the instrument panel below the
> center of the glove box. On all vehicles, the dealer mode enable wire is
> Circuit 567(LB/Y).
> b. Insert a jumper wire or alligator clip in service wire and clip other
> end to vehicle ground with the key in the OFF position.
> c. Turn key to RUN while holding down the trip odometer RESET button on
> the
> speedometer.
> d. Release RESET button. The Speedometer will prove out (sweep across dial
> and back). The English/Metric and revision levels will be displayed.
> The last number of the display id the dealer mode lockout count. This
> count shows the number of allowable conversion constant changes remaining.
> When the count is zero (0), no additional changes can be made to this
> instrument cluster. If a revision is required a service instrument cluster
> must be ordered.
> e. Press and release the RESET button again and the conversion constant
> (without the decimal point) will be displayed followed by the word CAL.
> f. Press and release the odometer SELECT button as many times as necessary
> to change the conversion constant to the correct value.
> Note: Pressing and releasing the RESET button to lock in the new
> conversion constant reduces the number of times the module can be
> reprogrammed by one count. If you change your mind and want to go back to
> the old conversion constant, turn the key OFF BEFORE you lock in the new
> constant.
> g. When the new correct value is displayed in the odometer window, press
> and release the RESET button to lock in the new conversion constant.
> h. Turn the key OFF, disconnect the ground wire, and then check to see
> that
> the speedometer works correctly.


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