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80-96-list Digest Sun, 14 Jan 2001 Volume: 2001  Issue: 012

In This Issue:
Coolant burp follow up
Re: Oil Pan Woes
Re: erratic engine higher rpms
CD/8Track player
Re: [Fordnatics] CD/8Track player
Too high of a CO reading in Smog Check
Re: Too high of a CO reading in Smog Check
Re: Too high of a CO reading in Smog Check
To burp or not to burp...
Re: CD/8Track player


From: "tuscola" <tuscola>
Subject: Coolant burp follow up
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 19:35:04 -0500

Hi,  found out the low heater output in my 89 full size Bronco. Found out
that that the heater core input was blocked.
I popped the heater hose's off at the engine. hooked the air line out on my
shop vac, to the return line of the heater core and blew out a bunch of
silicon sealer from the core. I did reverse the heater hose's to the engine
when I connected them up just in case there is anymore crap in the core,
heater now puts out like a champ.
Another weird thing has poped up on the Bronco that I just picked up, some
times when I put the transmission in reverse the oil pressure gauge drops to
zero and the engine light comes on........any idea's? Oil is full up and
engine always has good pressure this just shows up in going to reverse.
Thanks jim


From: "Mark Salvetti" <msalvetti>
Subject: Re: Oil Pan Woes
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 21:00:18 -0500

Steve Spaulding wrote:

>I put two quarts of oil in it and started visiting my local Ford
>dealers.  Time for a trade.  I really can't drive a manual transmission
>now, anyway.  One dealer has a 2000 F250SD 7.3L Lariat with 10,000 miles
>for $28,000.  That is the only 8' bed regular cab 4x4 between two
>dealers, new or used.

That's not good news.  I'm going to be looking for an extended cab 2WD with
a manual soon.  I know there probably aren't many of these to begin with,
but I have yet to visit a dealer and check out inventories.

After reading about cracking doors, worn out front suspensions, and rust on
the 97-up list, I'm not sure how anxious I am for a newer model anyway.

Mark Salvetti
1986 F150, 2WD, 5L, manual


From: Lingus0169
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 22:42:31 EST
Subject: Re: erratic engine higher rpms

I have figured out my problem with the erratic engine.  i have checked and
reset my timing numerous times, i also took my carb apart and cleaned it
inside and out and put it back together, still had the problem,...then i took
a closer look at the distibuter advance unit( it is a mechanical one) it
turns out it was that.  so i am going to call up accel tomorrow and tell them
what happened and hopefully, if they are a good company, they will replace it
at no cost..thanks for all your help on the situation.
nick'85 f150 4x4 t18 np208 400 hp 351w


Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 21:12:31 -0800
From: chuck & kathy sanborn <slammer>
Subject: CD/8Track player

Heavily cross posted for maximum response...
Does anyone make a CD Player disguised as an 8 Track tape player ?

Chuck Sanborn
Torrance, CA
1964 Falcon Sprint


From: Kennybrownstang
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 00:23:29 EST
Subject: Re: [Fordnatics] CD/8Track player

well I work at the good guys audio/video and I never saw one or heard of one
while I was working in the car audio department. The best thing to do would
be to just do a detatchable face CD player or if you're really paranoid get
an old deck out 85 mustang with the big nobs and everything and
install that and put a nice CD player in the glove box. It can be done.
-Steve Bowen


Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 05:46:32 -0600
From: Gene Whittle <gwhittle>
Subject: tached

I had occasionally thought of adding a tach to my '87 F-150 (302, C-6)
but never found one I liked well enough to put up with the add-on
clunkiness that would involve.

Then a few days ago the speedometer went limp.  It had been making
noises during cold weather for a few years so its demise wasn't
unexpected.  The odometer numbers still turned normally so the problem
was not a broken cable.  With a call to our local salvage yard I learned
they had lots of instrument clusters available and I asked about one
with a tach on the off chance I could cobble the wiring together for the
tach.  "Sure... $50."

Just to see what would happen I made a direct swap of the two clusters
and was surprised to see the tach needle move when I engaged the
starter.  The thing works beautifully.  Apparently (at least in '87)
Ford wired everything for a tach whether it was to get one or not.  Got
a trip odometer in the deal too.

Now does anyone know how to make the (probably illegal) adjustment to
the odometer so it's accurate?  That's not a big deal as I can always
add 67,000 to what's indicated if I want to know the real mileage.

Gene Whittle
central Texas


Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 06:54:19 -0800
From: Chuck Sanborn <slammer>
Subject: Too high of a CO reading in Smog Check

The wifes 83 LTD got a failing grade due to really high CO
readings on the smog test last Saturday.  The timing also
failed at 17~ advance.  Stock should be 10~.
I have reset the timing for a re-test but would the 7~ extra
advance cause the high CO reading?


Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 12:24:56 -0600
From: Mike Persell <persell>
Subject: Re: Too high of a CO reading in Smog Check

Setting the timing back should increase the exhaust temp and will probably
the CO reading. Were the other readings like HC also out?


At 06:54 AM 1/15/2001 -0800, you wrote:

>The wifes 83 LTD got a failing grade due to really high CO
>readings on the smog test last Saturday.  The timing also
>failed at 17~ advance.  Stock should be 10~.
>I have reset the timing for a re-test but would the 7~ extra
>advance cause the high CO reading?


Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 10:35:44 -0800
From: Chuck Sanborn <slammer>
Subject: Re: Too high of a CO reading in Smog Check

At 12:24 PM 1/15/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>Were the other readings like HC also out?
Thanks Mike
Nope, all others were within range...


From: Fred Moreno <fmoreno>
Subject: To burp or not to burp...
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 11:53:41 -0700

Okay guys,

I understand where Uncle Ken is coming from wholeheartedly. The virus issue
is why I choose to receive this email list at work rather than home because
here at work our MIS people take care of virus. We have been hit/infected by
viruses numerous times also. Lately it has been the rebirth of the "HaHa"
Although when I get a real computer at home I will opt to move my mailings
home, that's where my service manuals live too.
Keep up the great work Ken.

Swapped the heater hoses yesterday and system seems to work better but it
is not fixed. Now at least I have warm air coming from the heater, but its
not the convection oven it use to be. Used to be able to melt your shoes
Tonight I hope, I'll crack the coolant lines at their hightest point and
hopefully lots of air will come out. This morning, upon removal of the
radiator cap, I noted the radiator was very full and there still was coolant
in the overflow bottle.
Sorry that I did not spend enough time working on the truck so I could
solve my situation and share with the list, but we just got a satellite TV
system installed and I am just about in the middle of Tom Clancy's latest
(looks like John Clark and Ding Chavez are going kick booty again). I was a
bad Ford Truck owner this week-end.
Satellite TV is interesting, but I can't find the Ford Truck Enthusiast
channel. What's the deal?
I want my FTV!



From: "Jason Derra" <derrar>
Subject: Re: CD/8Track player
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 16:02:25 -0800

Put the 8 track in the stock location and mount a CD changer in a hidden
location such as the trunk.
All that will be visible is the changer controls, which can be put almost

'69 Bronco 5.0 HO EFI, NP435
'96 F250 Ext Cab 4WD Powerstroke
'77 F150 4WD 429
"As fast as necessary, as slow as possible"


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