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80-96-list Digest Tue, 04 Jul 2000 Volume: 2000 Issue: 129

In This Issue:
Re: warm running 300 UPDATE
302 problems
AC hiss Update
Header Install
unsuscribe 80-96 list
Big Block Parts
Re: unsuscribe 80-96 list
'91 Aerostar driving lights


From: DTrowbridge (David Trowbridge)
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 22:36:30 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: warm running 300 UPDATE

thanx Jim. i am currently running a 180 stat in my car that i race
right now and it seems to work pretty good. i had previously had the
160 stat in the truck this last winter and didn't have a problem with
heat. but then again i live just a few miles away from you in Dallas.
but it was running REAL hot in typical rush hour traffic this summer.
so thats why i installed the 195 stat. but i think now i am just going
to stay with the 160 stat and find a nice big radiator. maybe a 460 V-8
radiator. that should do the trick! like i say, i'm not all that
concerned about heat from the heater.

85 F-150 300 I6


From: "Kyle L. Pacatte">
Subject: 302 problems
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 23:56:18 -0500

I have a 94' f150 XLT, 5spd, 302 with 63000 miles. I'm the second owner.
I have a problem with the truck spark knocking (pinging) during
acceleration, and during constant speed. I added a super chip, which made
the pinging worse, even with 93 octane gas. Also the truck uses one
quart/800 miles. Not a lot of sign of oil burning in the exhaust. It
seems like the truck is loading up. I've replaced and modified the
following: MAP sensor, O2 sensor, Cap & Rotor, Plugs and wires, K&N air
filter, Gibson super truck split rear exhaust, Superchip. I've been
hearing a lot about how speed density engines have problems accepting
modifications. Any help would be appreciated, I would really like to get
rid of the pinging.
Thank you,


From: "Skerrett, Michael">
Subject: AC hiss Update
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 09:01:48 -0400

< It sounds strange to me, as I can remember it only
clicked once when you turned on and off the ac, It didn't pulse at all


Get yourself in the truck and get it to a repair shop soon. That cycling
you see and hear is due to no coolant (and hence lube) in the system. Run
it much longer and it won't matter because you will have to replace the
whole system. What is it they say at the auction? Final Warning....

Michael S in Central FL.


From: "Michael Surette">
Subject: Header Install
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 07:11:28 PDT

I had the same problem with the pacesetters on my 96' F150. I had my
uncle's shop put it on. They were supposed to need no modifications, but
they had to heat and bend the y-pipe to make them fit. I believe the plenum
support had to be filed down on mine as well. I had to pay for a lot of
extra labor hours. After getting over paying for the install, I love the
performance. I have the ceramicoat headers, and they still look like they
were put on yesterday (They have almost 10k on them). Good Luck.


>Subject: shorty headers
>I have been installing a set of Pacesetter shorty headers on my 90 full
>Bronco. I am finding that this "simple" task is taking about 24 actual
>working hours. Nothing quite fits and connecting things like the plenum
>support is a challenge. The headers do not allow for anything but small
>headed bolts.
>Has anyone else had a similar experience????



Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 13:13:29 EDT
Subject: unsuscribe 80-96 list

Please see if you can do this, I have sent several messages and I am still on
this list. What's wrong?


From: "Adam">
Subject: Big Block Parts
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 13:37:16 -0400

I bought a mostly complete engine from a friend last nigh- and need to know
what the heck it is- the block has casting # D1VE-A2B, crank is 4UAB(maybe
4UA8), D8VE-A2A heads, D00E rods, 09AE stamped on the caps, D3VE intake. I
need to know what year these things are- what is the CC of the heads, and if
these parts will go togeather to make a good engine. And is it a 429 or a
460? Tell me everything you can come up with. Thanks a bunch-


84 F350 4x4 351w


Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 13:52:02 -0400
From: Ken Payne>
Subject: Re: unsuscribe 80-96 list

At 01:13 PM 7/5/00 , you wrote:
>Please see if you can do this, I have sent several messages and I am still on
>this list. What's wrong?

Try spelling correctly.


From: acor>
Subject: '91 Aerostar driving lights
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 20:27:02 -0700

Hi Dave
Since your headlights are ok, then the headlight switch, fuse and ground
are ok. I suggest the problem is in the DRL (daylight running light) module
or the grounding switch for the DRL. On my '91 F250 the DRL is grounded
with a switch on the emergency brake lever. Brake on - DRL off, brake off -
DRL on. Find the switch and check it first.
Ford Canada issued recall notice 92M78 feb 5/92 to replace the original DRL
module in "certain '89 thru '91 cars and trucks". Symptoms included
"reduced, flickering or no DRL illumination". In some cases the DRL may
remain "on" even when the ignition is turned off. Normal Lo and Hi beam
operation is not affected.
My DRL module was replaced June '92 and I have had no problem since. If you
have any questions email me directly. Good luck

Al Cornish
91 F250 4 x4
99 Saturn


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