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61-79-list-digest Thursday, January 6 2000 Volume 04 : Number 007

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Re: FTE 61-79 - 360 FE Doubts



Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 04:35:28 -0500
From: "G.T. Herpich">
Subject: Re: FTE 61-79 - 360 FE Doubts

"William S. Hart" wrote:

> > Hey everyone!
> > . I just saw this in the WEB. Is this true?
> >
> Some of it ...
> > > 360 FE:
> > >First year, 1958 I believe it was a 332.
> > >Perhaps around 1960 it went to 352.
> > >Near the end of the FE series run, in the pieckups anyway, the 352 was
> > known as the 360.
> > >This is the engine that little brothers 74 Ford half ton pickup
> > came with.
> > >I think the bore and stroke were the same as the 352 and it was just an
> > advertising gimmick when they called it a 360
> Not true, they really did change the bore on it to match the 390 at 4.05 ...
> can't remember what the 352 was, but it wasn't quite that I don't think ...

The 360 is a 390 with a 352 crank. Ford had to do something with all the 352
they had left over. (Just speculation)

> > Seems like the factory may have made a 383 FE engine for an
> > upcoming NASCAR
> My uncle just mentioned a 396 or so displacement FE, but this was in the
> 60's, not the 90's ... apparently Chevy was mad that Ford and Dodge were
> runnin these 427's, so they said we want a motor rule for 396's ... so Ford
> destroked a 427 for it and kicked their butt with that in practice, so they
> shut up ... my Uncle's a huge Ford fan though, so who knows how much of
> that's true, but that's what I heard ...

We ran a 396 FE in a B/G, C/A Maverick in the early 70's. Built it using a 427
side oiler block and a 361 FT crank. Shifted at 10,000! You should have
seen the chevy guys come looking when we fired it up in the pits. Ran a modified

Weber manifold with two sets of Hilborn Offy 4 cylinder injectors (the ones
for the FE were puny in comparison). I never heard of the NASCAR boys using
a 396 but if they did it would have been that easy. Just cut down the snout on
the FT crank.

George H

> > rules change and I believe there may be a 401 FE out there too.
> That would be a 410 likely that he's thinkin of, a 390 with a 428 crank
> found in merc's in the mid to late 60's for a couple years :)
> Hope that helps clear thigns upa little, its aweful muddy water when you
> start looking at the one offs and stuff in the FE family ...
> Just my $.02
> wish
> 96 Mustang GT 5spd 4.6L
> 73ish 1/2ton 4x4 6.4L
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