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fordtrucks61-79-digest Thursday, February 5 1998 Volume 02 : Number 070

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In this issue:

Re: Slip Yoke.. [Brian ]
RE: Need some advice [DC Beatty ]
Re: Unusual carb fix... ["Dennis K. Austin" ]
Re: Slip Yoke.. [A64F100]
Educate me... [Jeff Miller ]
Re: 7 liter Fords.... ["Dennis K. Austin" ]
Re: Transmission floor plate... ["Dennis K. Austin"
Re: extra! extra! read all about it 1999 f-series uncovered [ECampb5214 a]
Need more room [Z ]
Re: Transmission floor plate... [Shelektric]
Re: DO THEY OR DON"T THEY [Shelektric]
Re: Transmission floor plate... [marko ]
Re: Stall! [Shelektric]
Re: 15 " rims with 3/4 ton front brakes [Shelektric]
460 Balance ["Dave Walbeck" ]
66 Disk conversion question ["Dave Walbeck" ]
Re: Unusual carb fix... [danadeb]



Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 21:42:18 -0500
From: Brian
Subject: Re: Slip Yoke..

> >
> >
> I forgot what you were doing now? Ok, it wasn't you it was Brian,
> just went and checked my deleted mail but still not sure what Brian
> did to need a new drive shaft. Old age I guess..........:-(
The guy who I bought my '64 from decided that instead of installing the
right joint in the shaft, he'd tack weld any u joint in !! So when I
installed the 460 I moved the tranny and engine back about 4" to make
room for the right radiator. So when I went to have the shaft cut down I
saw the weld job and knew this wouldn't work !!



Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 23:06:03 -0500
From: DC Beatty
Subject: RE: Need some advice

A good place to look for rust is the front cab mounts and floor pan also.=

This can be very expensive, if not impossible, to fix. If the mounts are
rusted through bad enough you end up having to go find a replacement cab.=

Hope this helps,

DC Beatty
1967 F100 352
1974 Maverick 302

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Subject: Re: Need some advice

> From: "Nathan B."
> Subject: Need some advice
> Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 23:27:24 CST

> couple of questions. I have a 76 F150 Ranger with a 360 and C6. It
> runs fine but the rust kind of has it beat. I have been looking at
> another truck for sale. It is a 70 F250 Sport Custom Camper
> Special. I havent drove it yet, but as far as the body there isnt
> hardly any rust to speak of. I was thinking of maybe selling my

When you guys go looking at trucks remember that prior to 73 ford =

truck boxes had a two piece side which had a seam roughly in the =

center running it entire length which was leaded at the factory and =

tends to be one of the first places they rust. If rust is a concern =

(and it should be) check this area very closely for cover up attempts =

on trucks older than 73 :-)

Where's Murphy when
you really need him??

- -- Gary --

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Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 22:14:33 -0600
From: "Dennis K. Austin"
Subject: Re: Unusual carb fix...

This is just a note to some of you guys with older carbs. Way back in
1974 I had another make of pickup truck that used a 318 V8. It was a
'65 model too. It ran with 17inch wheels, had this big 4 speed. Some
sort of California special. Here a little story to go with it.

It was ugly, green, and was very powerful. We nicknamed it the Green
Hulk. I actually dragged a loaded Ford Box CabOver Truck across a
factory floor with it one day. A load had shifted in the truck and was
logged deep in the box. So, it was decided that I would pull, with
chains, the load in one direction while the Cabover drove the other
direction. The CabOver was old, the box had holes in it, so the owner
was not concerned, he just wanted the load out of it. Well, we took off
and I dragged the old CabOver, with its tires smoking, across the
factory floor. Needless say they ended up cutting out the load. Of
course I was proud of my truck.

I don't remember the carb setup on it, I want to say it was a 2bbl. I
decided that I needed to rebuild it one day. So I did. It fired up
right off after assembling it. However, as soon as I pushed the gas
pedal it died. So, I rebuilt it again with the same results. This time
I was upset. As it so happens to many of us the local old guy who knows
cars inside and out came along to see what I was doing. I showed him
what was happening.

Of course he had that twinkle in the eye and asked for a short 2x4 and a
small sledge. In my mind I was saying I was just thinking about
that...when he takes the 2x4 and places it on top of the carb and whacks
it with the sledge, which causes a sudden black cloud to escape from the
exhaust. From then on it ran perfect. It seems when assembling the
carb my floats got stuck in the up position. Giving it gas it flooded
out. The whack from the sledge dislodged the floats from their stuck

Thought this might help one of you backyard rebuilders...

Remind me to tell you about my uncle's new Lincoln that died everytime
it reached 55mph. The cause will surprise you and it could happen to
any Ford with the same parts.

- -=DENNIS=-


Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 23:06:42 EST
From: A64F100
Subject: Re: Slip Yoke..

In a message dated 98-02-04 14:19:18 EST, you write:

a slip yoke at the tranny nor will 4x4's but 2wd trucks and cars all
do. I've gone to the junk yard and picked up cores to make drive
shafts out of for projects and did the cutting and welding myself but
they never quite come out balanced and getting them straight is
tricky too. All C-6's have the same slip spline output shaft that
use that type so any shaft from a C-6 application using the
slip spline at the tranny should serve as a core to make one from.
U know, if you can do all that yourself that's great. But, I just got my
driveshaft done, and even though I ended up paying $250.00 for it I feel
better because I know it's right. And if something does go wrong, I can take
it back and they'll fix it. But, that's just my take on the matter, in my
opinion that's the best way to go.
- -better safe than sorry...

Scott L

*Keep It Ford Blue*


Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 23:18:27 -0500
From: Jeff Miller
Subject: Educate me...

Ok, here's the deal. I know nothing about Fords. FE, Y-block, yada,
yada, yada. Means nothing to me.
Why did I buy a Ford truck? It's time to expand my universe. Where do
I go to find out the difference
in the afore mentioned blocks? Is a '68 302 C.I.D. out of a Montego a
good swap for a 300 C.I.D. with
tranny? Should I hold onto the 302 and drop it in later? I'm counting
on the good nature of you folks to
help me along. Don't hold my hand, just guide me.




Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 22:26:24 -0600
From: "Dennis K. Austin"
Subject: Re: 7 liter Fords....

Okay... now suppose I am out in the backwoods/swamps of Louisiana and I
find one of these 7 liters Fords that is wrecked, rusted out, or just
unable to be saved, but the drivetrain is intact.

Say...I wanted to stick that drivetrain in my '65 Ford F-100??? Beyond
retrofitting. Would I have one h !l of a fast truck? I guess the real
question is... is it worth it?

- -=DENNIS=-
> With my memory, I'm surprised anyone asking me to "Refresh" their
> memory, but here goes anyway.
> 7 liter was used in '66/'67 to designate the 428cid offering in a
> personalized luxry version of the 2dr hardtop Galaxie. Robert Mitchum
> (Gosh that name sounds awfully familiar) says it was also a designator
> for some 427 offerings, as well as some convertibles. I don't doubt
> it, but was not aware of the 427 ever being referred to by FOMOCO as 7
> liter, nor of the convertible offering. It was a very swift car for
> its 5000# weight. Had all the luxury features offered in its day. I
> would consider ir a "Collectable", and would love to own one.
> Azie


Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 22:31:15 -0600
From: "Dennis K. Austin"
Subject: Re: Transmission floor plate...

Hey guys... Nobody had a floor plate to cover up the hole where the top
loader sticks up through the floor? The only one I have found in the
junk yards looks like somebody used a can opener on it. If I have to, I
guess I could use it for a pattern to make one, but I would rather not
spend the time on that.

Can any of you help me out?

- -=DENNIS=-


Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 23:26:25 EST
From: ECampb5214
Subject: Re: extra! extra! read all about it 1999 f-series uncovered

Thats true but its really nice from what i read. They couldnt stop saying
enough good things about it!


Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 00:00:02 -0500
From: Z
Subject: Need more room

I have a 1975 F250 camper special 2wd. The truck has 31x10.5 tires on
8.25x16.5 rims. Its suspension is stock. What are the ways to get some
more room between the front tires and fender? The rear tires have no
clearance problems due to the high rear suspension. The front tires
don't rub under normal driving conditions, but I feel they need a little
morebreathing room of an inch or two.

F250 Camper Special, 2wd, 390


Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 00:24:59 EST
From: Shelektric
Subject: Re: Transmission floor plate...

What year is the truck??? Any floor plate from a 67-77 will work they
are the same


Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 00:31:52 EST
From: Shelektric

YES they did. Fleet side and stepside


Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 22:35:23 -0800
From: marko
Subject: Re: Transmission floor plate...

At 10:31 PM 2/4/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Hey guys... Nobody had a floor plate to cover up the hole where the top
>loader sticks up through the floor? The only one I have found in the
>junk yards looks like somebody used a can opener on it. If I have to, I
>guess I could use it for a pattern to make one, but I would rather not
>spend the time on that.
>Can any of you help me out?

Dennis, I don't know where you are. But up here in BC there are a number of
old Ford pickups with automatics, and they all had the solid cover plate.
Is this what you're after? There should be lots around.

marko in vancouver


Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 00:38:52 EST
From: Shelektric
Subject: Re: Stall!

Fist of all take out the 305 and put in a 302!! (lol)


Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 00:47:57 EST
From: Shelektric
Subject: Re: 15 " rims with 3/4 ton front brakes

You can use the spider and caliper off a dana 44 on a dana 60 the
rotor size is the same, i'm doing the conversion right now.


Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 22:45:05 PST
From: "Dave Walbeck"
Subject: 460 Balance

Hey Gary, I think the damper is balanced (can't remember for sure) but
the flywheel has a balance weight on it. I don't mess with these either
it was one I was rebuilding at a shop I used to work at. 79 and older
429/460's are the only way to go and 72 and older are the best.
no smog junk.
Dave Complete and Total FORDNUT & Highboy Nut too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 23:05:26 PST
From: "Dave Walbeck"
Subject: 66 Disk conversion question

Hello again, Curious if anyone knows if the I-beams will swap over to a
66 F100 from a 77 F150. Reason I ask is I picked up the 77 F150 for free
for pulling the motor out for a guy and my dads 66(240-6 3 on the tree)
could use disk, also is the booster/master cylinder a bolt in too. The
king pins are new and it would be easier for me to swap the hole shootin
Dave Complete and Total FORDNUT & Highboy Nut too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 01:02:47 -0800
From: danadeb ....

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