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Re: ITS ALIVE !!!!! [danadeb]
Front end alignment [Thomas Hogan ]



Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 20:04:52 -0800
From: danadeb
Subject: Re: ITS ALIVE !!!!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of auto electronics!!!

When you get done you will be a pro!!!

a way to check if the alternator is charging is to touch a screwdriver to the
rear center on the alternator while the engine is running. If there is a
magnetic pull then the alternator is producing a charge.

Do you have a wiring diag for the charging system?

Good luck



Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 21:11:52 -0800
From: Thomas Hogan
Subject: Front end alignment

It's that time for my truck. The tires are wearing unevenly (inside of
driver's and outside of passenger's) and it is a little squirrely on the
highway sometimes. The shops I talk to worry me. It seems none of them
have the same story. One shop I talked to said something about bending
the I beams!! Is this the normal procedure. I don't really want anyone
bending ANYTHING on my truck! Another shop said something about 'offset
camber bolts'? Had no idea what he was talking about. Help.


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